08 April 2016

Rolex Middle Sea Race, Brighton Port Phillip Challenge, Sailing Videos

Spirit of Yachting - Rolex Middle Sea Race 2015:

Cannons fired from the bastions of Grand Harbour in Malta as the yachtsmen set off on the 36th edition of the Rolex Middle Sea Race. This great regatta adventure featured a fleet of 111 yachts from 22 nations, ranging from 9 to 25 metres in length. The race action was intense from start to finish, covering one of the most scenic sailing courses in the world. Published on Mar 1, 2016 - more at http://on.rolex.com/1oEwWiy

2016 Mercedes Benz Brighton Port Phillip Challenge:

The 2016 Mercedes Benz Brighton Port Phillip Challenge: A great event held by Sandringham Yacht Club. Published April 1, 2016

Other News:
The High Seas Shouldn't Be Like the Wild West - Bloomberg View"... The high seas -- any part of the ocean more than 200 miles from a coast and beyond national jurisdiction -- account for more than half the ocean's surface area and generate nearly half the global ocean's biological productivity. Yet they are only lightly governed by the 320 articles and nine annexes of the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea. Talks on updating the 1982 treaty, which was bolstered by a 1995 agreement on migratory fish stocks, opened last month. A lot has happened over the last few decades. The world's fisheries are under greater strain. As bigger fleets range further afield, more of their catch is coming from the high seas, threatening the ability of stocks to rejuvenate. More than 15 percent of the world's catch is already taken illegally, by rogue trawlers flying flags of convenience and using drift nets and other destructive methods..."

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