23 November 2019

RORC & IMA Transatlantic Race, Lanzarote to Grenada

Kali completes 2019 RORC Transat - Dockside interviews, Grenada

Dec 12, 2019: Benedikt Clauberg's Swiss First 47.7 Kali finished the RORC Transatlantic Race on 11 December, completing the 3,000nm race in 18 days 08 hours 28 mins and 18 secs. Kali was competing for the second year in a row and beat their finish time for 2018 by nearly 18 hours.
“It feels great to beat our time from last year as we have been working hard on the performance of the boat,” said Kali's Benedikt Clauberg. “This year was much harder due to a lot of squalls, but we have a very enthusiastic team who wanted to change sails even when they were tired, and that made a difference. It feels like coming home when we arrived in Grenada because we know Charlotte (Fairhead) and all the C&N Port Louis Marina staff.”
2019 Dec 10: Jangada IRC Overall winner of RORC Transatlantic Race 2019:

Jangada, Richard Palmer's JPK 1010 racing two-handed with Jeremy Waitt, crossed the finish line outside Camper & Nicholsons Port Louis Marina, Grenada on Tuesday 10th December, 2019 at 21:11:06 UTC. Their elapsed time was 17 days 10 hours 11 mins 06 secs. See all results here.

Pata Negra dockside interviews, Grenada

Andy Lis and the young crew on board Giles Redpath's Pata Negra completed the 2019 RORC Transatlantic Race in 15 days 22 hrs 58 mins 13 secs. On arrival at Camper & Nicholsons Port Louis Marina, they were interviewed about their experience by RORC Race Reporter, Louay Habib. “That was quite an adventure,” commented Skipper, Andy Lis. “Besides myself, this is the first time in the Caribbean for the rest of the crew. The most memorable moment for me was the boat flying through a squall - it was bucketing with rain and the sea went from a 4 metre swell to nothing, with the breeze pumping.”

Interview dockisde, Grenada: Andre Auberton-Herve/Dark Shadow

French Wally 100 Dark Shadow finished the 2019 RORC Transatlantic Race on Friday 6th December in an elapsed time of 13 days 9 hours 11 mins and 3 secs. Dark Shadow was sailed by Andre Auberton-Herve (FRA) and skippered by Yerin Hobson (AUS). "I did the transat almost 12 years ago with the almost the same team. This time it was great, but we had tricky winds and still enjoyed it," commented Andre Auberton-Herve. "Racing with the RORC means great organisation at the departure and a great reception here. The transat was perfect, we loved it - Dark Shadow was flying! We reached 25 knots finally and that was very nice. It was great to put the team back together - The Expendables Transat!"  Dark Shadow crossed the finish line outside Camper & Nicholsons Port Louis Marina, Grenada on Friday 6th December, 2019 at 20:11:03 UTC.

See also Bouwe Bekking, Skipper Childhood 1 - RORC Transatlantic Race video. Skipper Bouwe Bekking (NED): "It's always nice to start building a team from scratch. This is the beginning of it. There's a couple of really interesting young crew members who have a lot in them. I was pleasantly surprised. It's really nice to be here in Grenada, I've never been here before. The Marina is splendid, and that is one of the things you wonder when coming across, and this is really nice, and a really warm welcome. Thank you Grenada."

Childhood 1 Wins the IMA Trophy | RORC Transatlantic Race (video)

Swedish VO65 Childhood 1, skippered by Bouwe Bekking, has taken Line Honours in the 2019 RORC Transatlantic Race. Childhood 1 crossed the finish line outside Camper & Nicholsons Port Louis Marina, Grenada in an elapsed time of 11 days 11 hours 34 mins 49 secs. The International Maxi Association Secretary General, Andrew McIrvine, presented Bouwe Bekking and the team with the IMA Trophy for Monohull Line Honours in the RORC Transatlantic Race. With cold beers and big cheers Childhood 1 was welcomed by Charlotte Bonin, Marina Manager and the team at Port Louis Marina. Nikoyan Roberts presented a basket of Grenadian goods on behalf of the Grenadian Tourism Authority.

RORC Transatlantic Race 2019 LIVE Tracker 04 Dec 2019 23:00: Childhood 1 Finish & Line Honours - 11d 11h 39m 49s.

Dec 1, 2019: with less than 1200nm to the finish at Camper & Nicholsons Port Louis Marina in Grenada, leading the fleet is the Swedish VO65 Childhood 1. All of the competing yachts are south of the rhumb line but there is over 900nm of latitudinal separation in the fleet. Jangada is furthest north and Childhood 1 furthest south. Childhood's deep dive south has paid dividends to take the lead for line honours, Jangada leads the race overall after IRC time correction and Pata Negra have come from behind to overtake Kali. After nine days at sea the RORC Transatlantic Race fleet are now well offshore in the vast expanse of the Atlantic Ocean - the next sighting of land will be the Caribbean. More news here.

Day 5 Update, Nov 27:  Wally 100 Dark Shadow Satellite Phone Call (video): After five days into the RORC Transatlantic Race the international fleet is experiencing shifty conditions with a light to moderate wind oscillating between nor' east and east. All of the teams are south of the rhumb line but different strategies are producing a range of tactics in the 3,000nm race to Camper & Nicholsons Port Louis Marina in Grenada. Richard Palmer, competing Two Handed with Jeremy Waitt on his British JPK 10.10 Jangada are currently provisional overall leader after IRC time correction. French Wally 100 Dark Shadow is 2,285nm from the finish and leading the fleet for line honours. Swedish VO65 Childhood 1 has sailed the most miles (945nm) and is the furthest south. Pata Negra is back in the race having made a pit-stop in El Hierro. More news here.

LIVE Tracker here.

Nov 26: Fleet leaders Childhood 1 & Dark Shadow take a deep dive southward (LIVE tracker).

Nov 24, 2019 -- RORC Transatlantic Race 2019: As expected, Swedish VO65 Childhood 1, skippered by Bouwe Bekking, is firmly in front having raced 251nm in the first 24 hours. The fleet are currently experiencing downwind conditions, however the nor’easterly gradient wind is far from stable as frequent rain squalls, combined with land effects, have dramatically changed both the wind speed and direction. Childhood 1 gybed south of the rhumb line shortly after sunrise this morning, indicating that the team may well be turning south after negotiating the wind shadow of El Hierro - the last sight of land that they are likely to see for many days.

After noon on day two of the race, the Wally 100 Dark Shadow also gybed south having raced 240nm in the first 24 hours. Dark Shadow's David Martriano commented via satellite phone. “All is well on board and we are currently sailing in about 15 knots of breeze from the northeast. The conditions are beautiful and we are enjoying some fantastic fresh food prepared by Annina (Zaini). Last night the breeze was up and down, which kept us busy with quite a few sail changes. This morning we got into a light patch of wind north of Tenerife, but we are now in good breeze and looking forward to some great sailing ahead.” More here.

RORC Transatlantic Race 2019 Start Nov 23 (video): Farewell Lanzarote! The RORC Transatlantic Race gets underway! The 6th edition of the RORC Transatlantic Race got underway on time with the fleet starting from outside Marina Lanzarote at 1100 UTC on Saturday 23 November, 2019. After months of preparation, the international fleet have started one of the most iconic offshore races with a stiff breeze gusting up to 25 knots. Read more at http://rorctransatlantic.rorc.org/news/

See also: Jangada & Dark Shadow Dockside | RORC Transatlantic Race RORC video published Nov 22, 2019. 6th RORC Transatlantic Race Start: Saturday 23rd November 2019 - Marina Lanzarote; Notice of Race (pdf) and here (pdf), course: Lanzarote, Canary Islands, to Grenada, Caribbean. Approximate Distance: 2995nm.
Official website: rorctransatlantic.rorc.org and LIVE Tracking

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