31 August 2016

Ocean Pollution Harming Humans, Oceans Week Videos

Ocean Pollution Harming Humans:

A leading scientist has told Sky News that the millions of tonnes of plastic pollution floating in the world's oceans could pose a threat to human health. Published on Jul 26, 2016

Oceans Week Video Playlist:

  • Scientists Give The World's Oceans A Health Check 3:38
  • Why Our Oceans Matter 1:02
  • Why Our Oceans Are Under Threat 0:58
  • Plastic In The Food Chain 1:23
  • Ocean Pollution Harming Humans 3:47

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30 August 2016

Clipper Race VR360º Immersive Experience, Sailing Video

Clipper Race VR360º Immersive Experience:

By doing something really difficult you have a sense of achievement. Something to be proud of for the rest of your life. By taking on Mother Nature’s toughest challenges, you will accomplish something very special and create memories to cherish. The Clipper Race is unlike anything else on the planet.

“It takes an adventurous kind of person to take on a global challenge of this scale. You’ve got to go out there and experience it to achieve it."--Sir Robin Knox-Johnston

Apply online today at clipperroundtheworld.com

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29 August 2016

Ken Read, Will Oxley, Southern Ocean Stories, Volvo Ocean Race

Ken Read - #SouthernOceanStories:

Ken Read, the PUMA Ocean Racing skipper, has two Volvo Ocean Races under his belt - so when it comes to the Southern Ocean, he knows what he's talking about. Video published August 16, 2016.

Will Oxley - #SouthernOceanStories:

Navigator and marine biologist Will Oxley has sailed over 250,000 miles in his career, and spent plenty of time in the Southern Ocean. Here, he chats about just how tough it is, and the 2017-18 route. Video published August 16, 2016.

More info: VolvoOceanRace.com

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28 August 2016

Southern Ocean Stories: Skip Novak, Ian Walker, Volvo Ocean Race

Skip Novak - #SouthernOceanStories:

Four-time Volvo Ocean Race legend Skip Novak gives us an incredible story from down south. Video published August 16, 2016

Ian Walker - #SouthernOceanStories:

2014-15 winning skipper and three-time Volvo Ocean Racer Ian Walker gives us his view on live in the Southern Ocean. Video published August 16, 2016

More info: VolvoOceanRace.com

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27 August 2016

US Coast Guard: AMVER Pacific Rescue, Key West Condition X-Ray

U.S. Navy photo
2 People Rescued from Uninhabited Island in Pacific: Apra Harbor, Guam — Two mariners who were stranded on an uninhabited Pacific island in Chuuk State, Federated States of Micronesia, are safe, Friday, August 26, 2016, after writing “SOS” in the sand. A Navy P-8A Poseidon aircraft crew from Patrol Squadron (VP) 8 was responding to a report from AMVER vessel British Mariner of flashing lights when they spotted survivors on the beach near the makeshift SOS sign. This information was then relayed to search and rescue coordinators at Coast Guard Sector Guam. The survivors were picked up and transferred by patrol boat Palikir to Nomwin Atoll. Watchstanders at Sector Guam command center received notification Aug. 19 from Pan-Pacific Education and Communication Experiments by Satellite (PEACESAT) of an overdue 18 ft. vessel with two people aboard en route Tamatam Island, Federated States of Micronesia. The couple departed Weno Island Aug. 17 with limited supplies and no emergency equipment on board en route Tamatam with an expected arrival of Aug. 18. While conducting a search pattern provided by Sector Guam's watchstanders, AMVER vessel British Mariner spotted light signals from a nearby island Aug. 24. Based on this information, Sector Guam requested deployment of a U.S. Navy P-8 aircraft crew to investigate the source of light. The P-8 crew successfully located the survivors and Sector Guam watchstanders then contacted patrol boat Palikir who rescued the survivors Aug. 26. During the seven-day search, Sector Guam watchstanders coordinated the assistance of 14 AMVER vessels, two aircraft crews and one FSM National Police Patrol boat, searching a total of 16,571 square miles. AMVER, sponsored by the U.S. Coast Guard, is a computer-based voluntary global ship reporting system used worldwide by search and rescue authorities. With AMVER, rescue coordinators can identify participating ships in the area of distress and request the ships' to divert and respond. (US Coast Guard press release)

August 26: MIAMI – The Coast Guard established port readiness condition x-ray for the port of Key West effective at 10 a.m. Friday due to the expectation of sustained winds of 25 mph with wind gusts up to 40 mph. The port of Key West is currently open to all commercial traffic, and all transfer operations may continue while x-ray remains in effect.  Mariners are reminded there are no safe havens in the port of Key West, and the port is safest when the inventory of vessels is at a minimum.  All oceangoing commercial vessels and oceangoing barges greater than 500 gross tons should make plans if conditions deterioriate and port condition yankee is set.  Recreational boaters are advised to seek safe harbor.  The Snake Creek drawbridge will be locked down when sustained winds reach 39 mph or when an evacuation is in progress.  Port facilities are advised to review their heavy-weather plan and to take all necessary precautions to adequately prepare for the expected conditions.
  • If and when port readiness condition yankee is set, meaning hurricane force winds are expected within 24 hours, vessel movement shall be restricted, and all movements must be approved by the Captain of the Port. 
  • If and when port readiness condition zulu is set, meaning hurricane force winds are predicted within 12 hours, no vessels may enter or transit within the safety zone without the permission of the COTP.  All vessel movements will be prohibited, and all ship-to-shore operations must be ceased. 
[See also on JohnTheCrowd.com: US Coast Guard Tropical Wave Warning To Mariners, Puerto Rico, USVI satellite updates]

The Coast Guard is warning the public of these important safety messages:        
  • Stay off the water. The Coast Guard’s search and rescue capabilities degrade as storm conditions strengthen. This means help could be delayed. Boaters should heed to weather watches, warnings and small craft advisories. 
  • Evacuate as necessary. If mandatory evacuations are set for an area, the public should evacuate without delay. Coast Guard personnel and other emergency responders may not be able to evacuate those in danger during the storm. 
  • Secure belongings. Owners of large boats are urged to move their vessels to inland marinas so they will be less vulnerable to breaking free of their moorings or sustaining damage. Trailerable boats should be pulled from the water and stored in a place is not prone to flooding. Those who are leaving their boats in the water are reminded to remove EPIRBs and to and secure life rings, lifejackets and small boats. These items, if not properly secured, can break free and require valuable search and rescue resources be diverted to ensure people are not in distress. 
  • Stay clear of beaches. Wave heights and currents typically increase before a storm makes landfall. Even the best swimmers can fall victim to the strong waves and rip currents. Swimmers should stay clear of beaches until local lifeguards and law enforcement officials say the water is safe. 
  • Be prepared. Area residents should prepare now and develop a family plan, create a disaster supply kit, determine a place to go if necessary, secure their home and create a plan for pets. Information can be found at the National Hurricane Center's webpage. 
  • Stay informed. The public should monitor the progress and strength of Invest 99L through local television, radio and internet. Boaters can monitor its progress on VHF radio channel 16, including small craft advisories and warnings. For information on the progress of Invest 99L and hurricane preparedness, please visit the National Hurricane Center's web page at http://www.nhc.noaa.gov/. (Coast Guard press release).
US Coast Guard press release: MIAMI – The Coast Guard repatriated 161 Cuban migrants to Bahia de Cabañas, Cuba, since Monday. The Coast Guard Cutter Isaac Mayo repatriated 66 Cuban migrants, Monday, the Coast Guard Cutter Raymond Evans repatriated 68 Cuban migrants Thursday, and another 27 Cuban migrants Friday. These repatriations are a result of 14 separate at-sea interdictions in the South Florida Straits. Each instance is an example of the Coast Guard helping secure the U.S. border and preventing these at-sea voyages from ending in tragedy. “We discourage anyone from taking to the sea and attempting to reach U.S. soil illegally – they are risking their lives with very little chance of success,” said Capt. Mark Gordon, chief of enforcement for the Coast Guard 7th District. “Navigating the Florida Straits can be extremely dangerous for the unprepared on illegal voyages and often leads to injury or death.” Once migrants are aboard a Coast Guard cutter, all migrants receive food, water, shelter and medical attention. Since October 1, at least 6,318 Cubans have attempted to migrate to the U.S. via maritime means compared to 4,473 in the fiscal year 2015. These statistics represent the total number of at-sea interdictions, landings and disruptions in the Florida Straits, Caribbean and Atlantic.

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26 August 2016

Aarhus 2016, M32 Series Scandinavia, Sailing Videos

Aarhus 2016 - M32 Series Scandinavia:

Video playlist above by M32 Series:
  1. Sensational Finish to Day 3 in Aarhus  2:33
  2. Domination on Day 2 of Battle of Aarhus 2:37
  3. Day 1 made history on the water of Aarhus 2:57 
More info: Aarhus | M32 Series Aug 18-20, 2016

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25 August 2016

US Coast Guard Tropical Wave Warning To Mariners, Puerto Rico, USVI

UPDATE August 25, 2016: "The Coast Guard set port condition whiskey (pdf) for Port Miami, Miami River, Port Everglades, Port of Palm Beach, Port of Ft. Pierce and all other South Florida terminals and facilities at 4 p.m. Thursday due to the expectation sustained gale force winds generated by Invest 99L may arrive within 72 hours. These ports and facilities are currently open to all commercial traffic and all transfer operations may continue while whiskey remains in effect. Sustained winds between 39 and 54 mph are possible within 72 hours. Mariners are reminded there are no safe havens in these facilities and ports are safest when the inventory of vessels is at a minimum.  All ocean-going commercial vessels and ocean-going barges greater than 500 gross tons should make plans for departing the port. Vessels desiring to remain in port must immediately contact the Captain of the Port, Coast Guard Sector Miami at (305) 535-4472, to receive permission to do so and are required to submit a safe mooring plan in writing.  Vessels bound for South Florida unable to depart 24 hours prior to threatening winds making landfall are advised to seek an alternate destination." Read more hereSee also: Coast Guard urges boaters to prepare for impending severe weather.

Satellite View: GOES-East - IR Rainbow (30 minute updates)

Five-Day Graphical Tropical Weather Outlook
U.S. Coast Guard press release - August 24, 2016 7:32:46 AM PDT: The U.S. Coast Guard advises mariners, recreational boaters, swimmers, surfers and the general public in Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands Wednesday to remain vigilant, exercise good judgment and make any preparations in anticipation to an incoming tropical wave.

"We advise citizens and boaters to make preparations and monitor official weather updates as this tropical wave moves through the area," said Capt. Robert Warren, Sector San Juan commander and Captain of the Port San Juan. "Swimmers, recreational boaters and the general public should exercise caution and stay away from shoreline rocks until weather and surf conditions normalize. We will continue to monitor the winds and sea conditions in our area of responsibility."

The Coast Guard requests that the public not call Coast Guard facilities for weather information, but that they listen to weather broadcasts and track internet updates through: 

"Mariners should avoid unnecessary risk and use extreme caution if heading out on the water," said Capt. Megan Dean, Sector Miami Commander. "Remember to remove your EPIRB from your vessel if the vessel will not be in use. EPRIBs left aboard vessels, with no one aboard, often get activated and result in a false alert. False alerts can cause a delay in Coast Guard search and rescue operations."

Here are a few tips to help mariners protect themselves, their families and their vessels:
  • Do not go out to sea in a recreational boat if you know a storm is approaching.
  • Contact local marinas to ask for advice about securing your vessel.
  • Marina operators are knowledgeable and can advise you on the best methods for securing your boat.
  • Take action now. The effects of a storm can be felt well in advance, and bridge schedules can and often shift from their normal operating schedule. Check with local authorities before entering any storm-damaged area.
  • When removing your EPIRB from your vessel, ensure it does not inadvertently activate which could signal a false alert. Furthermore, once the severe weather has passed, mariners are reminded to ensure the EPIRB devices are placed back on their vessels prior to the vessel's next use.
  • Do not rush to your boat. Boaters should not place themselves in danger to get to a boat.
  • Do not try to board a partially sunken boat. Seek salvage assistance from a professional. Storms move quickly and are unpredictable.
See also:

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24 August 2016

Audi Hamilton Island Race Week 2016, August 20-27, Sailing Videos

Audi Hamilton Island Race Week 2016 - Day 1 Downwind Racing:

With a backdrop of dark rain clouds, the fleet raced downwind from Lindeman Island to the finish in Dent Passage getting a good soaking shortly after the video was shot. Published August 22, 2016

Audi Hamilton Island Race Week 2016 - Day 1:

Day 1 of Audi Hamilton Race Week 2016 provided the first opportunity for Wild Oats XI and Scallywag to go head-to-head on an inshore race course. The two boats shadowed each other in the pre-race manoeuvres prior to the start of a race to Lindeman Island and back, starting in Dent Passage. Both boats made a fine spectacle as they reached to the northern tip of Dent Island before heading upwind to Lindeman Island. Dale Lorimer of Bow Caddy was on the water and recorded this brief cameo of the start line encounter between the two super maxis.

Audi Hamilton Race Week 2016, 20 - 27 August 2016

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23 August 2016

Rio 2016 Olympic Medallists, World Sailing Video

Rio 2016 Olympic Medallists - World Sailing Playlist

Rio 2016 Olympic Medallists
  • World Sailing TV 7 videos:
  • Charline Picon WINS dramatic Rio 2016 Olympic gold medal 0:49
  • Laser Radial Rio 2016 Olympic gold for Marit Bouwmeester 1:02
  • Aussie Burton takes dramatic Laser gold 0:39
  • Giles Scott follows in Ainslie's shoes, wins Rio 2016 Olympic gold 0:58
  • Emotional victory for Santi Lange & Cecilia Carranza Saroli 3:46
  • "We can't wait to celebrate with the country" Burling and Tuke take gold 1:35
  • Dreams come true for Fantela and Marenic, Rio 2016 gold medallists 2:36
Rio's Sailing Round Up - Day #11:

More at: JohnTheCrowd | Sailing News: Olympics

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22 August 2016

The International Women's Keelboat Championship is Back! (video)

The International Women's Keelboat Championship is Back!

The 2016 International Women's Keelboat Championship, hosted by American Yacht Club in Rye, NY, featured a strong fleet of J/70 sailors racing on Long Island Sound over four days. Published August 21, 2016. Learn more at ussailing.org


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21 August 2016

Best of Extreme Sailing Series Hamburg, Sailing Videos

The Best of Extreme Sailing Series Hamburg:

17 races, 7 international teams, 35 world-class sailors, 45,000 spectators and 1 final race shoot-out. Watch the best moments from the Extreme Sailing Series Hamburg. Published on Aug 13, 2016. More info: http://extremesailingseries.com 

Extreme Sailing Series 2016 Schedule:
  • Act 1 Muscat Mar 16-19
  • Act 2 Qingdao Apr29-May2
  • Act 3 Cardiff Jun 23-26
  • Act 4 Hamburg Jul 28-31
  • Act 5 St Petersburg Sep 1-4
  • Act 6 Istanbul Sep 22-25
  • Act 7 Lisbon Oct 6-9
  • Act 8 Australia Dec 8-11
2016 Extreme Sailing Series Hamburg video playlist:

2016 Extreme Sailing Series Hamburg videos:
  1. Come fly with me! The best of Extreme Sailing Series Hamburg  1:11
  2. Meet CHINA One's Taylor Canfield  2:31
  3. Darren Bundock: Olympic medallist & Red Bull Sailing Team coach  2:43   
  4. 3D Hamburg: Day One - Graphics Only - Extreme Sailing Series™ 2016 2:00:43   
  5. 3D Hamburg: Day Two - Graphics Only - Extreme Sailing Series™ 2016 2:50:29
  6. 3D Hamburg: Day Three - Graphics Only - Extreme Sailing Series™ 2016 3:00:57
  7. 3D Hamburg: Day Four- Graphics Only - Extreme Sailing Series™ 2016  30:59   
  8. LIVE Hamburg: Day Three - Extreme Sailing Series™ 2016  1:30:47
  9. LIVE Hamburg: Day Four - Extreme Sailing Series™ 2016  1:29:00
  10. It’s no plain sailing on the River Elbe  1:10

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20 August 2016

America's Cup 1995 Sailing Videos, One Australia Sinking

One Australia Sinking, America's Cup Challenger Series 1995:

Original Commentary - The dramatic moments on the 5th of March 1995, when during round four in the round robin stage of the Americas Cup challenger series, and in a match race between One Australia and Team New Zealand, the Australian boat split and sunk within two minutes.

In 1995, the Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron syndicate Team New Zealand, skippered by Russell Coutts, first won the challenger series in NZL 32, dubbed "Black Magic" because of her black hull and uncanny speed. Black Magic then easily defeated Dennis Connor's Stars & Stripes team, 5–0, to win the cup for New Zealand. Although team Young America's cup candidate yacht USA-36 was defeated in defender trials by Stars & Stripes' USA-34, the San Diego Yacht Club elected to defend the cup with USA-36 crewed by Stars & Stripes. The run-up to the 1995 Cup was notable for the televised sinking of one Australia during the fourth round robin of the Louis Vuitton challenger selection series, with all hands escaping uninjured. The 1995 defender selection series also had the first mostly female (with one man) crew sailing the yacht USA-43, nicknamed "Mighty Mary".--Wikipedia

America's Cup 1995 video:

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19 August 2016

Panama Canal's New Expansion Explained, Sailing Video

The Panama Canal's New Expansion, Explained:

The Panama Canal can now accommodate vessels that are longer, wider and heavier than before, thanks to a new expansion that was nine years in the making. The facelift was crucial to compete in a world where ships are getting bigger and bigger. Published June 20, 2016

Above: Panama Canal (Google Maps imagery)

Pacific Cup Div D Start 14 Jul 2016 (4K Ultra HD):

Published on Jul 14, 2016: Wind 12-14 kt, Tide ebbing (from right to left); PASHA HAWAII ORR Division D Start (https://pacificcup.org) 1310 Thursday, 14 July 2016, just east of St Francis Yacht Club. 4K Ultra HD video shot handheld with Lumix DMC-FZ1000

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18 August 2016

RC44 Fleet Racing: Massive win in Portsmouth for Nika, Sailing Videos

Fleet Racing Day 4 - Massive win in Portsmouth for Nika and golden wheels for Aqua:

Vladimir Prosikhin's Team Nika today scored one of the biggest wins in the one design keelboat class' recent history when she claimed the RC44 Portsmouth Cup by a massive 14 points. Published July 18, 2016

Team Nika started with a 12-point advantage in the 11 boat fleet, so had all but won the regatta before this. As tactician Ed Baird explained: "The only way we couldn't win was if Team Aqua won and we had a collision and got penalty points." Team Aqua took second place regaining the RC44 golden wheels as current Championship Tour leaders and Katusha took third. 

Fleet Racing Day 1 - Team Nika finds order from chaos in Portsmouth

Fleet racing at the RC44 Portsmouth Cup began today on a new race course, laid further east beyond the Solent towards Hayling Bay. Despite this, conditions remained ultra-shifty, making for a challenging, high scoring day for all of the RC44 teams. Except Vladimir Prosikhin’s Team Nika. The defending RC44 fleet racing champion somehow managed to put in a consistent 1-3-3 score despite the chaotic conditions that forced tacticians to make the most of their local knowledge, skill, intuition or sheer crystal ball gazing ability to anticipate what would happen next. Published July 14, 2016

The RC44 Portsmouth Cup is the third event of the 2016 Championship Tour, which pitts the world's top businessmen and the best sailors in the industry compete in high performance one-design 44-foot carbon racing yachts.

2016 RC44 Championship Tour: Events - RC Forty Four:

  • RC44 BERMUDA CUP - 2 - 6 March
  • RC44 PORTSMOUTH CUP - 13 - 17 July
  • RC44 CASCAIS CUP - 21 - 25 September fleet returns to Cascais, Portugal, as Clube Naval de Cascais hosts the fourth event of the season;
  • RC44 VALLETTA CUP - 23 - 27 November - The last event of the 2016 tour will be in Malta’s renowned capital Valletta, City of the Knights.

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17 August 2016

NOAA's Revised Atlantic Hurricane Forecast, Are You Prepared? (video)

NOAA Has Upped the Atlantic Hurricane Forecast, Are You Prepared?

David Streit, Commodity Weather Group forecaster, discusses the NOAA's Atlantic hurricane forecast with Bloomberg's Vonnie Quinn and Shery Ahn on "Bloomberg Markets" August 11, 2016
Graphic: 2016 Atlantic Hurricane Season Outlook Update 
Graphic: 2016 Atlantic Tropical Cyclone Names

Atlantic hurricane season still expected to be strongest since 2012 | National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration"August 11, 2016 In its updated 2016 Atlantic Hurricane Season Outlook, NOAA calls for a higher likelihood of a near-normal or above-normal season, and decreases the chance of a below-normal season to only 15 percent, from the initial outlook issued in May. The season is still expected to be the most active since 2012 ..."

2016 Updated Atlantic Hurricane Season Outlook Summary (source: NOAA, 11 Aug 2016):

a. Predicted Activity
NOAA's updated 2016 Atlantic Hurricane Season Outlook indicates an 85% chance that season will either be near-normal or above-normal. The outlook calls for a 50% chance of a near-season, a 35% chance of an above-normal season, and only a 15% chance of a below-normal season. See NOAA definitions of above-, near-, and below-normal seasons. The Atlantic hurricane region includes the North Atlantic Ocean, Caribbean Sea, and Gulf of Mexico.

Compared to the pre-season outlook issued 27 May, the probability of either a near-normal or above-normal season has increased to 85% (compared to 75% in May), and the probability of a below-normal season has decreased to 15% (from 25% in May). The season is still expected to be the strongest since 2012.

This is a more challenging hurricane season outlook than most because it is difficult to determine whether there will be reinforcing or competing climate influences on tropical storm development. The outlook calls for a 70% probability for each of the following ranges of activity during the 2016 hurricane season:
  • 12-17 Named Storms, which includes Alex in January
  • 5-8 Hurricanes, which includes Alex in January
  • 2-4 Major Hurricanes
  • Accumulated Cyclone Energy (ACE) range of 85%-150% of the median.
Each of these ranges is higher than was predicted in the May outlook (which indicated likely ranges of 10-16 named storms, 4-8 hurricanes, and 1-4 major hurricanes). The seasonal activity is expected to fall within the predicted ranges in 70% of seasons with similar climate conditions and uncertainties to those expected this year. These ranges do not represent the total possible ranges of activity seen in past similar years.

During 1981-2010, Atlantic hurricane seasons averaged 12 named storms, 6 hurricanes, 3 major hurricanes, and 92.4% of the median ACE.

To date, the 2016 Atlantic hurricane season has produced five named storms, with two being hurricanes. Therefore, for the remainder of the season, we expect (with 70% probability for each range) an additional 7-12 named storms, of which 3-6 are expected to become hurricanes and 2-4 of those are expected to become major hurricanes.

b. Reasoning behind the updated outlook
The strength of the hurricane season is largely controlled by conditions and activity within the Main Development Region (MDR, which spans the Caribbean Sea and tropical Atlantic Ocean between 9°N-21.5°N; Goldenberg et al. 2001). This year, although competing factors are still likely within the MDR during the peak months (August-October) of the hurricane season, overall conditions within the MDR are now expected to favor a more active season than was predicted in May. However, there remains considerable uncertainty regarding when La Niña will develop and how strong it will become, which leads to uncertainty as to whether the Atlantic hurricane season will be near-normal or above normal.

The main factors that are conducive to a more active season now compared to the May outlook include 1) the disappearance of El Niño's suppressing influence on Atlantic hurricanes, 2) weaker vertical wind shear across the central MDR, 3) somewhat weaker trade winds across portions of the southern MDR, and 4) a stronger west African monsoon.

The main competing factors this season are 1) anomalous sinking motion and increased vertical wind shear in the western MDR (which are somewhat related to the active eastern Pacific hurricane season), and 2) less conducive global sea surface temperature (SST) patterns. A stronger La Niña could weaken or dissipate some of these competing factors and result in an above-normal season, while a weak or non-existent La Niña may allow these conditions to persist and thereby favor a near-normal season. Model predictions are now generally calling for only a border-line weak La Niña to form during August-October.

Activity to Date
Five named storms (Alex, Bonnie, Colin, Danielle, and Earl) have formed in the Atlantic basin to date. Alex, which formed last January, and Earl became hurricanes. Four storms to date have made landfall, including Bonnie in South Carolina, Connie in western Florida, Danielle in eastern Mexico, and Earl in Belize and Mexico.

Preparedness for Tropical Storm and Hurricane Landfalls:
It only takes one storm hitting an area to cause a disaster, regardless of the overall activity. Therefore, residents, businesses, and government agencies of coastal and near-coastal regions are urged to prepare every hurricane season regardless of this, or any other, seasonal outlook.

Predicting where and when hurricanes will strike is related to daily weather patterns, which are not reliably predictable weeks or months in advance. Therefore, it is currently not possible to accurately predict the number or intensity of landfalling hurricanes at these extended ranges, or whether a particular locality will be impacted by a hurricane this season.

More info:

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16 August 2016

Conrad Colman, 100% Natural Energy, Transat New York Vendée (video)

Conrad Colman & 100% Natural Energy - Transat New York Vendée:

After 14 days, 6 hours and 55 minutes of running, 100% Natural Energy arrived in Vendée in 12th spot. Oldest boat in the fleet and after a delayed start of 24, Conrad arrives at a new generation of boat (2015 vs 2005!).

The sequence of 2 Transatlantic allowed Conrad to take stock of the ship's equipment and imagine what could be improved for the Vendée Globe. The Vendée Globe starts on November 6 in Les Sables d'Olonne. 

More info: IMOCA Ocean Masters World Championship
The World Championship "Ocean Masters" includes the full program of events which involved the IMOCA class, including two round the world races, the Vendée Globe and the Barcelona World Race, and several ocean races like the Route du Rhum the Transat Jacques Vabre, NewYork-Vendee, Saint-Barth Port La Forêt and the Rolex Fastnet. Ocean Masters Championship is managed by the Open Society Sports Management (OSM). Founded in 1991 and recognized by ISAF since 1998. IMOCA class is the association that manages the open monohull IMOCA 60 feet 60 (18.28 meters). More than 30 skippers participating in the world championship which includes two round the world races (Vendée Globe single-handed Barcelona World Race crew) and a race around Europe and several transatlantic. Published on Aug 5, 2016

NYC Yacht: Space Is Tight, But the Views:

A 122-foot wooden yacht, The Mariner III, was built in 1926 and recently underwent a $750,000 renovation that allows its prewar features to shine. It's available to rent in New York City for upward of $55,000 a week. Published August 4, 2016

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15 August 2016

Coral Reef, Global Coral Bleaching, Sailing News (video)

Seaview Survey Video - Coral Reefs:

Chief Scientist of the Catlin Seaview Survey Professor Ove Hoegh-Guldberg underwater on the Great Barrier Reef. In this Seaview Science video Ove talks about the importance of coral reefs. Published July 1, 2013.

Graphic below - Oct 2015 by XL Catlin Seaview Survey:

Above: excerpt from http://globalreefrecord.org/maps
GlobalCoralBleaching.org: "In 1998, a huge underwater heatwave killed 16% of the corals on reefs around the world. Triggered by the El Niño of that year, it was declared the first major global coral bleaching event. The second global bleaching event that struck was triggered by the El Niño of 2010. The US National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) announced the third global bleaching event in October 2015 and it has already become the longest event recorded, impacting some reefs in consecutive years. The new phenomenon of global coral bleaching events is caused by ocean warming (93% of climate change heat is absorbed by the ocean). Corals are unable to cope with today’s prolonged peaks in temperatures – they simply haven’t been able to adapt to the higher base temperatures of the ocean. Although reefs represent less than 0.1 percent of the world’s ocean floor, they help support approximately 25 percent of all marine species. As a result, the livelihoods of 500 million people and income worth over $30 billion are at stake ..."

Global coral bleaching could land heavy blow on Florida's recovering reefs reports Miami Herald's Jenny Staletovich: "A global coral bleaching that now ranks as the largest and longest on record could count Florida reefs among its next victims, scientists warned this week. As a powerful El Niño in the Pacific fizzles, scientists say they are keeping a close on the 220-mile reef tract that stretches between the Dry Tortugas and Fort Pierce, where recent bleaching has claimed less than one percent of the reef. After the last major El Niño in 1998, the region lost about 30 percent of the reef, a mortality rate that could climb higher in the face of climate change and increasing ocean temperatures." Read more at: Miami Herald

Sailing News:
U.S. Sailing's Paris Henken, Helena Scutt dominant in 49erFX on Olympic Day 8
NBC Olympics
A clear and sunny Day 8 of adrenaline-packed Olympic racing on Guanabara Bay proved one thing: medal races are upon us. Men's Laser and ... See also: Olympic Home : Rio 2016 Olympics | World Sailing and JohnTheCrowd | Sailing News: Olympics

Rio 2016 (Sailing): USA Clinches Radial Medal Race Berth, Shines In 49erFX
US SAILING (press release)
Saturday saw the final full-fleet races in the Laser and Laser Radial classes, and dramatic finishes for Team USA sailors competing in both fleets.

SHORT TACKS: Sailing News and Notes
Severn Sailing Association member Leo Boucher placed second out of 42 entries in Laser Radial at the USSailing Youth Sailing Championship, held ...

Sailing: It's Montes triumphing in wild finish at Sunfish Race
Suffolk Times
The sailing race they call a nautical marathon ended with a sprint to the finish. Even in a race like The World's Longest Sunfish Race, Around Shelter ...

PCCSC Fall 2016 Kick Off
ICSA | Inter-collegiate Sailing Association
PCCSC Teams, I know it's early in the fall for most of you but some of our teams are already reporting for school so here goes the first round of ...

Other News:
  • Massive Lake Okeechobee algae bloom getting more toxic | TCPalm.com:  "Algae blooms in the St. Lucie River [which drains into the Atlanctic Ocean] are getting more numerous, and a massive bloom in Lake Okeechobee apparently is getting more toxic. Blue-green algae samples taken June 14 and 15 from Lake O contained more than 20 times the amount of toxins considered hazardous by the World Health Organization..."
  • Fort Lauderdale: Beach monitor spots 11 sea turtles and one brick of cocaine - "... Doug Phinney walked into a bar on A1A about 1 a.m. Tuesday with an open kilo of suspected cocaine in his hands, he wasn't looking to make a sale or even worried about being arrested. In fact, he was looking for a cop. 'I finally flagged down an officer driving by,' said Phinney, 52, from Wilton Manors. 'And I showed him what I found.' Phinney made his discovery on the sands of Fort Lauderdale beach during a routine nighttime patrol as a volunteer with the Sea Turtle Oversight Program, designed to protect the behemoth sea creatures during the summer nesting season. During his four-hour patrol he did spot 11 loggerhead turtles who swam ashore to lay eggs." Read more at Sun-Sentinel

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14 August 2016

Louis Vuitton America's Cup World Series Toulon, Sailing Videos

30 days to Louis Vuitton America's Cup World Series Toulon:

Video above published August 11, 2016 - Less than 30 days until the best sailors and fastest boats touch down in Toulon, France Sept 9-11, 2016. Louis Vuitton America's Cup World Series Toulon will mark the first time America's Cup racing has been held in French waters for over 10 years. Groupama Team France skipper Franck Cammas spoke to us about why this event is important to him and his team.

Muscat, Oman, Feb 27-28, 2016;
New York, USA, May 6-8, 2016;
Chicago, USA, June 10-12, 2016;
Portsmouth, UK, July 22-24, 2016;
Toulon, France, September 10-11, 2016.


Video above published August 2, 2016

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13 August 2016

Maxi Yacht Rolex Cup 2016, Rolex Swan Cup 2016, Preview Videos

Maxi Yacht Rolex Cup 2016 Preview:

Maxi Yacht Rolex Cup 2016 - Preview - Rolex World of Yachting - The Maxi Yacht Rolex Cup was born to provide the largest, most powerful yachts with an opportunity to compete directly in a suitably challenging environment. Continuing that philosophy, it is also widely regarded as a showcase for the latest advances in design and technology. The Costa Smeralda has provided the stunning setting and testing conditions ever since the first Maxi World Championship was held there in 1980. The brainchild of the Yacht Club Costa Smeralda and its president, the Aga Khan, the Maxi Yacht Rolex Cup is an eagerly anticipated annual event attracting a sizeable fleet of yachts all over 60 feet (18.29 metres) in length. 2016 marks the 27th edition of the competition and includes the vaunted Rolex Maxi 72 World Championship.

When & Where: September 4 - 10, 2016 | Porto Cervo, Italy

The Costa Smeralda provides a stunning setting and a variety of great, challenging conditions for the Maxi Yacht Rolex Cup, one of the highlights of the Mediterranean yachting season. The first ever Maxi World Championship held in Sardinia in 1980 was the brainchild of the Yacht Club Costa Smeralda and it's President, the Aga Khan. the regatta is now an eagerly anticipated annual event and attracts a sizeable fleet of majestic maxi yachts to Porto Cervo each September. 2016 marks the 27th edition of the competition which comprises the seventh running of the much-vaunted Rolex Maxi 72 World Championship. Video above published on Aug 11, 2016. More info here.

Rolex Swan Cup 2016 Preview:

Every two years, since 1980, the Swan fleet has gathered at its spiritual home at the Yacht Club Costa Smeralda in Sardinia for the biennial Rolex Swan Cup. Owners, crews and guests meet for a week of spirited activity on and off the water. 2016 will be a celebratory event, marking the fiftieth anniversary of the founding of Nautor’s Swan. 121 yachts have entered this, the 19th, edition, ranging in size from 36 (10.9 metres) to 115 feet (35m), and in age from 49 years to a few months. As always, this year’s Rolex Swan Cup will be characterized by great competition in an enviable environment, a prevailing spirit of fair play and yachts renowned for their grace, enduring appeal and rich heritage.

Rolex Swan Cup & Swan 45 World Championship, Porto Cervo, Sept 11-18

More info at http://www.yccs.it/en/ and here.

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12 August 2016

Rio 2016 Olympic Games, Swiss 49er Racing, Sailing Videos

Precision required - Swiss 49er racing:

Switzerland's Sebastien Schneiter and Lucien Sujean are aiming for precision racing when racing starts in the 49er at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. Published August 10, 2016

World Sailing Website - http://www.sailing.org; also Facebook and Twitter

The Rio 2016 Olympic Games - Laser, Finn, Nacra 17, 49er, 49er FX, RS:X, 470:

Published August 8, 2016, by Royal Yachting Association - rya.org.uk/go/rio16

See also: JohnTheCrowd | Sailing News: Olympics and JohnTheCrowd | Sailing News: Rio 2016:

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11 August 2016

Rio 2016, Olympic & Paralympic Games, RYA Sailing Videos

Rio 2016, Olympic & Paralympic Games, RYA Sailing Videos:

Video playlist  by Royal Yachting Association – RYA:
  • The Brazil Job - Olympic Athletes pull off the ultimate heist 3:18
  • Sailing for Gold – Get behind our Rio team! - Olympic & Paralympic Games 2016 1:41
  • Olympics 2016 - Laser Radial Class - Alison Young - British Sailing Team 2:46
  • About the Sailor - Alison Young, Laser Radial - British Sailing Team 0:54
  • Olympics 2016 - Finn Class - Giles Scott - British Sailing Team 2:57
  • About the Sailors - Hannah Mills & Saskia Clark, 470 Women - British Sailing Team 0:59
  • Olympics 2016 - Bryony Shaw - RS:X Women - British Sailing Team 3:11
  • Olympics 2016 - Nacra 17 - Ben Saxton & Nicola Groves - British Sailing Team 3:27
  • Olympics 2016 - 49er FX - Charlotte Dobson & Sophie Ainsworth - British Sailing Team 3:38
  • Olympics 2016 - Nick Thompson - Laser Class - British Sailing Team 2:54
  • Olympics 2016 - Luke Patience & Chris Grube - 470 Mens - British Sailing Team 4:26
  • Olympics 2016 - 49er - Dylan Fletcher & Alain Sign - British Sailing Team 4:17
  • Olympics 2016 - Hannah Mills & Saskia Clark - 470 Women - British Sailing Team 3:11
  • Olympics 2016 - RS:X Men - Nick Dempsey - British Sailing Team 2:34
  • Motivating Greatness - The British Sailing Teams' Secret Weapon 1:48
  • The Rio 2016 Olympic Games - Laser, Finn, Nacra 17, 49er, 49er FX, RS:X, 470 4:03
  • Olympic Sailing News - Sail for Gold Live - Tuesday 09 Aug 2016 - Rio 2016 11:17
  • "Its a Brutal Boat" Finn Coach Matt Howard talks about the Finn Class and his work with Giles Scott 2:03
  • Olympic Sailing News - Sail for Gold Live - Wednesday 10 Aug 2016 - Rio 2016 10:29
  • "Stay Focused" - Double Olympic Silver Medallist Joe Glanfield talks 470 Women 2:18

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10 August 2016

Ocean Currents, Friendly Floatees, Great Pacific Garbage Patch

Garbage Island: An Ocean Full of Plastic (Parts 1-3):

Video playlist above (3 videos): Vice sails to the North Pacific Gyre, collecting point for all of the ocean's flotsam and home of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch: a mythical, Texas-sized island made entirely of our trash. Come aboard as we take a cruise to the Northern Gyre in the Pacific Ocean, a spot where currents spin and cycle, churning up tons of plastic into a giant pool of chemical soup, flecked with bits and whole chunks of refuse that cannot biodegrade. Hosted by Thomas Morton @Babyballs69 | Originally aired in 2008 on VICE.com

Travel patterns of the Friendly Floatees. (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)
Friendly Floatees are plastic bath toys marketed by The First Years, Inc. and made famous by the work of Curtis Ebbesmeyer, an oceanographer who models ocean currents on the basis of flotsam movements including those of a consignment of Friendly Floatees, containing 29,000 plastic yellow ducks, red beavers, blue turtles and green frogs, washed into the Pacific Ocean in 1992. Some of the toys landed along Pacific Ocean shores, like Hawaii. Others traveled over 17,000 miles, floating over the site where the Titanic sank, and spent years frozen in Arctic ice to reach the Eastern Seaboard, British and Irish shores 15 years later in 2007 - Wikipedia.

"[T]he North Pacific Gyre is home to what has been called the Great Pacific Ocean Garbage Patch, a massive island of floating debris, mostly plastic, that the gyre stirs like a giant pot of trashy soup. Though the rubber ducks (Friendly Floatees) have helped raise awareness about the gyre, most of what makes up the garbage patch is hardly so cute. Most of it consists of tiny plastic fragments and chemical sludge, but just about anything discarded that floats can be found there. Some of the trash got there the same way the rubber duckies did, via lost shipping crates. Though no one knows exactly how many shipping containers are lost at sea every year, oceanographers put the figure at anything from several hundred to 10,000 a year, a startling estimate, though still only a tiny part of a global trash problem."--What can 28,000 rubber duckies lost at sea teach us about our oceans? | MNN.com - Mother Nature Network

NOAA: Great Pacific Garbage Patch
Great Pacific garbage patch | Wikipedia"The Great Pacific garbage patch was described in a 1988 paper published by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) of the United States. The description was based on results obtained by several Alaska-based researchers between 1985 and 1988 that measured neustonic plastic in the North Pacific Ocean. Researchers found high concentrations of marine debris accumulating in regions governed by ocean currents. Extrapolating from findings in the Sea of Japan, the researchers hypothesized that similar conditions would occur in other parts of the Pacific where prevailing currents were favorable to the creation of relatively stable waters. They specifically indicated the North Pacific Gyre. Charles J. Moore, returning home through the North Pacific Gyre after competing in the Transpac sailing race in 1999, claimed to have come upon an enormous stretch of floating debris. Moore alerted the oceanographer Curtis Ebbesmeyer, who subsequently dubbed the region the "Eastern Garbage Patch" (EGP). The area is frequently featured in media reports as an exceptional example of marine pollution."

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09 August 2016

Rio 2016 Olympic Games Sailing, World Sailing Videos

Around Rio:

Video Playlist above: Sugarloaf Mountain Sunset Timelapse; Rio de Janeiro in 360° by World Sailing TV

Rio 2016 Features by World Sailing TV:

More on JohnTheCrowd | Sailing News: Olympics

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08 August 2016

Rio 2016, Olympic Sailing, US Sailing Team Videos

Let The Games Begin!
Published August 7, 2016, by US Sailing

Rio 2016 Olympic Games
US Sailing Team videos in playlist above: Super Send-Off in Houston 2:29; Moving to Rio 2:04

Rio 2016 video playlist by US Sailing:

More on JohnTheCrowd | Sailing News: Olympics

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07 August 2016

2016 Puerto Portals Sailing Week, Full Highlights Video

Full Highlights Video: 2016 Puerto Portals Sailing Week:

Enjoy the most beautiful shots from the Puerto Portals​ Sailing Week. Next stop: Mahón for the TP52 World Championships. Video above published on Aug 4, 2016.

Puerto Portals Race Programme:
Sunday, July 24th: Official practice race(s) from 13:00
Monday, July 25th: Windward-leeward Races (13:00)
Tuesday, July 26th: Windward-leeward Races (13:00)
Wednesday, July 27th: WL & Coastal Race (13:00)
Thursday, July 28th: Windward-leeward Races (13:00)
Friday July 29th: Windward-leeward Races (13:00)

Scarlino Cup, May 25th - 29th, Tuscany
Settimana delle Bocche, June 28th - July 2nd, Sardinia
Portals Sailing Week, July 25th - 29th, Mallorca
TP52 World Championships, September 14th - 18th, Menorca
Cascais Cup, October 11th - 15th, Cascais

LIVE Virtual Eye: http://www.52superseries.com/live
Website: http://www.52superseries.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/52SuperSeries/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/52superseries
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/52superseries/

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06 August 2016

America's Cup Foiling Explained, Land Rover BAR Tour, Sailing Video

Foiling explained:

Ever wondered how America's Cup boats fly up to 2m out of the water? Chief Designer engineer Andy Claughton explains. Published August 3, 2016

Take a tour of Land Rover BAR's team base:

BT Sport filmed an exclusive behind the scenes tour of the Land Rover BAR. Step on in and have a look around with Sailor David Freddie Carr. Published August 2, 2016

More info: Land Rover BAR - Land Rover Ben Ainslie Racing

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05 August 2016

2016 Brewin Dolphin Commodores' Cup Highlights, Sailing Video

Highlights from the 2016 Brewin Dolphin Commodores' Cup:

France victorious in the 2016 Brewin Dolphin Commodores’ Cup. Video shown at the prize giving includes interviews with winners and race officials, plus footage from the final race on day 7.

The reason why the Brewin Dolphin Commodores’ Cup stands as a pinnacle event within the Royal Ocean Racing Club’s sizeable calendar was made abundantly evident during its 13th running in late July. Video published August 1, 2016

The club’s biennial flagship event for three boat teams with Corinthian crews is a supreme test, held on the navigationally complex waters of the Solent and the Channel, and featuring a range of race courses – windward-leewards, round the cans, an overnight offshore race and a race around the Isle of Wight, that on this occasion took place in sun and a 20-25 knot southwesterly. It is also something of a rarity in modern grand prix yachting – an event that lasts a whole week. And to win requires a team effort: All three boats in each team must pull their weight. 

Worthy winner on this occasion was France Blue comprising Eric de Turkheim’s A13, Teasing Machine, the Prietz family’s Ker 39, GOA and yacht designer Daniel Andrieu on his Sun Fast 3200, Cifraline 4. This marked the 10th anniversary of when Commodores’ Cup legend Géry Trenteseaux last led a French team to victory. 

Teasing Machine, A13, Eric De Turckheim/Laurent Pages
GOA, Ker 39, Gilles & Samuel Prietz/Samuel Prietz
Cifraline, Sunfast 3200, Daniel Andrieu

Lann Ael 2, JND 39, Didier Gaudoux
Pen Koent, First 40.7, Emmanuel Le Men
Foggy Dew, JPK1010, Noel Racine

Stamina, JND 39, Andrew Hurst/Joe Lacey
Timeline, JPK 1080, Marc Alpérovitch
Realax, A35, Jean-Yves Le Goff/ Alexandre Korniloff

La Réponse, First 40, Andrew McIrvine
Alice, Mumm 36, Simon Henning
Bengal Magic, J/35, James Chalmers

INO, HH42, James Neville
Cobra, King 40, Michael Blair
Sunrise, JPK 1080, Tom Kneen

Carlton, Tel Aviv, JPK 10.10, David Frank
Daniel, Herzliya, JND 35, Peter Morton
Dan, Israel Ker 40, Andy Williams

Elke, First 40, Frans Rodenburg (NED)
Dunkerque - Les Dunes de Flandre, Archambault A35, Philippe Bourgeois (FRA)
Moana, First 47.7, François Goubau (BEL)

Shaitan, JPK 10.80, Jock Wishart
Aurora, Corby 37, Rod Stuart & Bill Ram
Space Oddity, JPK 10.10, Marc Noël

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04 August 2016

2016 Race Week at Newport Highlights, Sailing Videos

2016 Race Week Highlights:

Newport delivered on its promise as one of the best sailing venues in the world making the 2016 Race Week at Newport presented by ROLEX one of the best Race Week's ever hosted. Published July 16, 2016 by New York Yacht Club. 

2016 Race Week at Newport presented by Rolex, Video Playlist:

2016 Race Week at Newport Playlist:
  • Day 1 of Part II Newport Race Week 2016 1:06
  • Halsey Herreshoff 1:52
  • 2016 Newport Race Week Presented by Rolex Opening Day 0:07
  • Day 1 Recap from the GunBoat and Multihull Fleet at Newport Race Week presented by Rolex 0:06
  • RUWEIDA from Restoration to Racing with IYRS at Rolex presents Newport Race Week 2:35
  • Onboard and on the race course- Highlights from the first half of Part II Newport Race Week 1:32
  • Day 2 Highlights for Part II 1:09
  • Day 3 Highlights of 2016 Newport Race Week presented by Roled 1:03
  • Team 13FIFTY: The Young Guns 1:43
  • Final Day of Race Week at Newport 0:53
  • 2016 Race Week Highlights 2:03

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03 August 2016

Rio 2016: Why Rio Isn't Ready for the Summer Olympics (video)

Why Rio Isn't Ready for the Summer Olympics:

Rio de Janeiro is the first South American city to host the Olympics, but preparing the host city hasn't been easy. From construction delays to Zika virus, the WSJ’s Eva Tam explains five issues Rio is facing before the Games. Published Aug 2, 2016 by WSJ.com.  See also: Rio 2016: Olympic sailing ramp collapses as athletes' village chief is fired over 'unsafe' conditions and hotel fire | Olympics | Sport | The Independent. See also JohnTheCrowd | Sailing News: 2016 Olympics

A look back--Bids for the 2016 Summer Olympics | Wikipedia.org: At the 121st IOC (International Olympic Committee) Session in Copenhagen, Denmark on October 2, 2009, final voting took place:

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Caribbean Safety and Security Net

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America's Cup - Google News

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