31 December 2015

Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race Overall WINNER: Balance (videos)

Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race 2015 - Tattersall’s Cup - Overall Winner - 
Paul Clitheroe's Balance:

UPDATE: Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race - Overall Win for Balance - 31 Dec 2015 - It came down to the wire, with Paul Clitheroe’s crew onboard TP52 Balance awaiting the arrival of the smallest boat in the fleet, Sparkman & Stephens 34 foot Quikpoint Azzurro whose finish would determine the winner of the coveted Tattersall’s Cup and the world’s most demanding offshore race, the Rolex Sydney Hobart. Published on Dec 31, 2015

Paul Clitheroe's TP52 BalanceConfirmed Overall Winner of Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race 2015 - Video above - Paul Clitheroe’s well-tested TP52 Balance – (also overall winner of the 2008 Sydney Hobart Race as Quest) – arrived in Hobart on Tuesday afternoon, as the ‘Clubhouse Leader’ for an overall handicap win, finally confirmed Thursday in Australia. Video above published on Dec 29, 2015

Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race - Fleet Fast Approaching Hobart - "Day five of the Rolex Sydney Hobart sees the lion’s share of the fleet fast approaching the finish line and a defining battle for IRC between Ichi Ban and Chinese Whisper. (Published on Dec 30, 2015 AEDT) --See also:
Jules Verne Trophy: Spindrift 2:

Trophée Jules Verne - Day 37 - Mouvementée, stressante, infernale // Turbulent, stressful, infernal

DAY 39 | Jules Verne"With the Equator still 24 hours on the horizon, Spindrift 2 is more than a day behind the Jules Verne Trophy holder. But if the last five days have been particularly difficult on board and unproductive in terms of their overall goal, the weather situation is now clearing up ahead of the bows of the black and gold trimaran. Eight days ago, as they rounded Cape Horn, Spindrift 2 was more than 500 miles ahead of Banque Populaire V. Today, the day before New Year's Eve, the black and gold trimaran is nearly 800 miles behind.... "(read more at link above)

Trophée Jules Verne - Day 35 - Un Atlantique Sud compliqué // A complicated South Atlantic

IDEC SPORT SAILING | CLIMBING BACK DUE NORTH: "30 December 2015 - As the wind has veered and the trade winds have filled the sails, the IDEC SPORT maxi trimaran has been lifted and her speed towards the Equator has increased. Joyon and his troops are making the most of what the wind is throwing at them..."

Jules Verne Trophy LIVE Tracking: 
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Other Sailing News:
Second Incident in 7 Days Trinidad/Tobago, Trinidad Hibiscus Gas Platform: "Boarding and robbery between Trinidad and Grenada of a 32 foot sailing sloop three on board. The vessel had passed close west of Trinidad Hibiscus Gas Platform and was some 30 miles from Trinidad with 40 to go to Grenada ..." (read more at link above)

Youth Worlds - US Sailing denounces exclusion of Israeli windsurfers
Sail World
US Sailing has become the first member national authority of World Sailing to publicly denounce the actions of the Malaysian Sailing Association and ...
World Sailing to Investigate Malaysia's Denial of Israeli Visas - Algemeiner
Yachting NZ calls for stand against Malaysian government - TVNZ

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24 December 2015

Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race 2015 UPDATES, Videos, Twitter

UPDATE December 30, 2015 (00:00 UTC): Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race 2015: "The NSW TP52 Balance, the appropriately named yacht of financial guru Paul Clitheroe, is the leader for overall honours in the Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race and now has to await the arrival of two European yachts -- her immediate challengers. The Swiss boat Teasing Machine and French/Belgian entry Courrier Leon are the leading boats at sea to challenge Clitheroe’s attempt to win the coveted Tattersall’s Cup in the Cruising Yacht Club of Australia’s bluewater ocean classic. Balance crossed the finish line at 4.50 pm today, seventh across the finish line behind line honours winner Comanche and the first TP52 a record nine that started. Only three have survived: Balance, Celestial and Ragamuffin 52. Teasing Machine appears to have the better chance of the two Europeans. She was well down the east coast tonight and must arrive in the early hours of the morning to become the new leader in the clubhouse...." (read more at link above)

Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race UPDATE- Line Honours for Comanche (28 Dec 2015):

Jim Clark and Kristy Hinze-Clark’s maxi Comanche pulled off an incredible feat tonight, taking line honours in the 71st edition of the Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race and winning the Illingworth trophy and Rolex Yacht Master II timepiece. Published on Dec 28, 2015

Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race UPDATE - 27 Dec 2015 - In Pursuit of Victory -

After a harrowing first night during the Rolex Sydney Hobart which saw 23 yachts retire due to damage, the fleet continues south toward the Tasman Coast as the American rivals Rambler 88 and Comanche battle for line honours, while Swiss entry Teasing Machine and Soldini’s Maserati (ITA) are contenders for the overall victory. Published on Dec 27, 2015

Dec 27 UPDATE--Comanche Leads for Line Honours with Less Than 100 Miles To Go -The crippled American supermaxi Comanche has extended her lead over the similarly damaged Rambler. In all likelihood, sometime this evening skipper Ken Read, his crew and owners Jim Clark and Kristy Hinze-Clark will be the toast of Hobart, celebrating a line honours triumph that 24 hours ago seemed impossible.

as of 28 December 2015, 12:50 PM AEDT (Australia date and time)

LIVE Tracking

UPDATE December 26: The Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race has taken a dramatic turn with major super maxi contenders for line honours either retired or trying to effect repairs as they have confronted an extreme southerly change off the NSW south coast, along with others in the fleet. Eight-times line honours winner Wild Oats XI is out with a torn mainsail and is returning to Sydney; US frontrunner Comanche, which had been leading the race, suffered a broken rudder, initially retired but is now trying to effect repairs at sea and continue in the race; Anthony Bell’s Perpetual Loyal has retired, also with a broken rudder and is returning to Sydney. The other US entry, George David’s 88 foot Rambler now leads the race, ahead of Comanche and Syd Fischer’s Ragamuffin 100. A dark horse in the race is Maserati, Giovanni Soldini’s V70 that is well out to sea and clearly gambling on skirting the treacherous southerly that is taking this toll on the fleet.

Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race UPDATE: Fighting for Line Honours:
as of  27 December 2015, 11:10 AM AEDT  #RSHYR LIVE Tracking

Heading to Hobart - 26th December 2015 - Hundreds of thousands of spectators lined the shores of Sydney Harbour to salute the fleet of 108 yachts as they commenced the 628 nautical mile trek to Hobart for the 71st edition of the Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race. Published on Dec 26, 2015

Clipper Race starts in RSHYR - 71st Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race, 2015 - Australian Skipper Wendy 'Wendo' Tuck leads out of Sydney Harbour on Da Nang - Viet Nam (published 25 Dec 2015)

UPDATE: Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race starts tonight (Friday Dec 25) 9pm ET in the US -- which in Australia is on December 26 (Boxing Day) at 1pm AEDT - You can watch the webcast on the home page of the Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race website: http://www.rolexsydneyhobart.com/ or Yahoo7

Big Boat Battle - A brief video of the SOLAS Big Boat Race 2015 on Sydney Harbour, in the lead up to the Rolex Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race. Published on Dec 25, 2015

UPDATE: Wild Oats XI Evolution - How does a ten year old yacht remain at the forefront of one of the great ocean race classics? With her distinctively narrow hull, Bob Oatley’s Wild Oats XI has beaten all comers for line honours in eight out of the last ten Rolex Sydney to Hobart Yacht Races. And now her original builders McConaghy Boats have completed her most radical modification yet, with the goal of maintaining her winning ways. Watch the evolution of this concept from idea to reality. Published on Dec 18, 2015 www.mcconaghyboats.com

Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race 2015 - Preview - The Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race, organised by the Cruising Yacht Club of Australia, is the ultimate test for skippers, tacticians and crews. The 2015 race will be the 71st edition of this time-honoured event and see 110 yachts from 28 nations race more than 600 Nautical Miles in quest of the Tattersall’s Cup and to win the coveted Rolex timepiece. (Published on Dec 1, 2015)

Race for line honours wide open - Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race 2015"... As for line honours, there is a bit of deja-vu in all this for Comanche’s owner, Jim Clark. The red and black hulled American monster is undoubtedly the fastest super maxi in the world, but “light air is not our friend. The last bit will be the challenging part for us,” Clark admits. “Every boat is built for different reasons. We go fast off the wind, but in light air Comanche starts to become a big fat lady. If we are not healing over, there is a lot of drag.” Last year Comanche stormed into Bass Strait, then forfeited the lead to Wild Oats XI when the American boat hit atypical light air mid-way. Oats took 25 miles out of Comanche, and though skipper Ken Read and crew staged a fearsome comeback, there just wasn’t enough race track left to run down the Australians. “We’ve made some changes to the boat since then,” Clark says, “and if we had this boat last year, we would have gotten through that lull more quickly...." read more at link above

Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race 2015: "Australian entries include Peter Harburg’s Black Jack and Mike Mollison’s Scamp from Queensland; Avalanche (Hugh Ellis), Hartbreaker (Antony Walton/Alan Breidhal) from Victoria and Terry Posma’s Jaffa returns from Western Australia after his first Rolex Sydney Hobart last year. Among the NSW entries are Brindabella (Jim Cooney), Celestial (Sam Haynes), Great Xpectations (Rod Wills), Komodo (Andrew Butler) and Quikpoint Azzurro, the 34 year-old S&S 34 owned by Shane Kearns, which won the Land Rover Sydney Gold Coast Yacht Race in July. The start of the Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race will be broadcast live on the Seven Network throughout Australia, webcast live to a global audience on Yahoo!7 and live streamed via mobile."

Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race 2015, Starts December 25 9pm ET (US) and in Australia on December 26 at 1pm AEDT. #RSHYR  @rshyr

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23 December 2015

Jules Verne Trophy: Spindrift 2 Sailing Past Cape Horn (drone video)

Jules Verne Trophy: Spindrift 2 passes Cape Horn (drone footages) Published 22 Dec 2015

Spindrift 2 Day 31 | Jules Verne"14:50 GMT YANN GUICHARD, AFTER CAPE HORN - My favourite memory will be of passing Cape Horn in the sun, with 15 knots of wind and a flat sea: we had time to enjoy it because we skirted the coast...Honestly, it was just fantastic. Dona spoke with the lighthouse keeper, it was really a nice moment: everyone was awake and on deck. This marks one month of adventure that is going well." My goal since leaving Ushant was to arrive at Cape Horn within the time of Banque Populaire V: that's done, now it's the weather that will decide. But we’ve already had an excellent voyage; I’m delighted with my crew and the atmosphere on board, it's really great. It’s a once in a lifetime experience to see the rock at the end of the world after 30 days of shared enjoyment at sea. We were surrounded by birds all the way across the Indian and Pacific Oceans. We saw albatrosses but not the big swell. Other than that, I have continuous stress about looking after things, because I know that if we finish, we will be in record time. It is really the management of men and the machine that preoccupies me every day; it’s tiring, sometimes I’m almost worn out, but it’s also enjoyable. "It's going be really tight all the way to the end "..." (read more at link above)

IDEC SPORT SAILING | IDEC SPORT AT THE HORN THIS EVENING"IDEC SPORT AT CAPE HORN THIS EVENING 22 December 2015 The progress of the six sailors on IDEC SPORT towards Cape Horn slowed during the night as they passed through a small area of low pressure. But the wind got up again around lunchtime today, so Francis Joyon and his men should be within the time set by Banque Populaire V, which means rounding the Horn before 0020hrs UTC tonight...." (read more at link above)

Jules Verne Trophy LIVE Tracking: 
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Jules Verne Trophy - DAY 29 - Réparations dans le Grand Sud // Repairs in the Southern Ocean Published 21 Dec 2015

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22 December 2015

Les Voiles de Saint-Barth 2016 (video); Spindrift 2 & IDEC Sport News

Teaser for Les Voiles de Saint-Barth 2016 - (Published on Dec 21, 2015)
Register for the 7th edition of the Caribbean Regatta Les Voiles de St. Barth! April 11-16, 2016


Above: Voiles de St. Barth 2015 - Video report - 6th edition of Les Voiles de St. Barth (Published on Jun 15, 2015) - Loick Peyron, Ambassador of the 6th édition, Ken Read, Terry Hutchinson, Marc Guillemot, Karine Fauconnier...

Jules Verne Trophy LIVE Tracking: 
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Spindrift 2 DAY 30 | Jules Verne"... The approach to Cape Horn is looking complex. Spindrift 2 and its crew are going to have to cross a front, then overtake it. There are numerous manoeuvres coming and quite slow progress, before enjoying one last surf towards the famous rock, which marks the end of the Southern Ocean, the Pacific Ocean and the return into the Atlantic..."

IDEC SPORT SAILING | ROUNDING THE HORN TOMORROW"After an extraordinary weekend, which saw them regain 850 miles and move ahead of the record time, Cape Horn is coming up for the six sailors on IDEC SPORT skippered by Francis Joyon. Even if they are slowed down in the centre of a small area of low pressure, they should round the infamous cape tomorrow evening (Tuesday) within the record time. In other words just over 30 days, meaning they are still in with every chance during the climb back up the Atlantic..."

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21 December 2015

Clipper Race, Race of Their Lives, Sailing Videos

Episode 1 of the new series of Race of Their Lives follows the Clipper 2015-16 Race from training through to the end of Race 1 to Brazil, This short clip captures the pressure of Race 1 start. Published on Dec 18, 2015

Episode 1 of the new series of Race of Their Lives follows the Clipper 2015-16 Race from training through to the end of Race 1 to Brazil. This short clip captures Dan Hardy, former UFC fighter, getting to grips with life on the ocean vs the Octagon. Published on Dec 18, 2015

Clipper Race crew star in Sydney Hobart media day"With just six days to go to the long awaited Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race (RSHYR), international media are arriving in Sydney ready to report on the 71st edition of the prestigious event which is watched by millions of people across Australia and around the world. Clipper 2015-16 Race crew took centre stage today at the RSHYR’s international Press Conference in the Race Village. Sir Robin, who will compete alongside his teams on board Clipper 68 entry Clipper Ventures 10, joined Mission Performance’s Gavin Reid, GREAT Britain’s Abi Oyepitan, Visit Seattle’s Ana Downer-Duprey and sisters Leo and Caroline Bowen who are on Garmin and Qingdao, on stage to answer questions from the media about their participation...."

Jules Verne Trophy LIVE Tracking: 
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20 December 2015

2016-17 World Sailing Offshore Special Regulations Published

The 2016-17 World Sailing Offshore Special Regulations (OSR) have been published on the World Sailing website. The purpose of the Offshore Special Regulations (OSR) is to establish uniform minimum equipment, accommodation and training standards for monohull and multihull boats racing offshore. Click here to find the 2016-17 OSR.

In the new 2016-2017 edition of the OSR, the regulations have been simplified and shortened to improve their clarity for all sailors, inspectors and race organizers. The categories of events remain unchanged and the intent of each clause is not changed except for the changes agreed at the 2015 World Sailing Annual Conference. The OSR are accompanied by a safety training manual where the relevant guidelines and recommendations from the OSR will be located in the next edition of the, "World Sailing Guide to Personal Offshore Safety".

A number of changes made at the World Sailing Annual Conference affect the new 2016-17 edition of the regulations.

Unless otherwise specified the amendments are effective on 1 January 2016. It should be noted that national prescriptions may take priority over the World Sailing text and you should check with your relevant authority.

A summary of the major changes for 2016 are as follows:-
  • The Appendices have been re-ordered and some re-named.
  • Category 5 has been re-named 'Special Regulations for Inshore Racing'
  • Category 6 is now: 'Special Regulations for Inshore Dinghy Racing'
  • Some Category 4 requirements have been reduced or removed: heavy weather jib, lifejacket requirements, lights, sail number display
  • Monohull Stability requirements have been aligned with changes to the ISO 12217-2 Stability standard.
  • Section 4.22 has been re-worked and is now called 'Crew Overboard Recovery' including a change to use the term 'recovery sling' and a set of minimum requirements
  • OSR 4.23 Pyrotechnic signals (Distress flares) has been amended to remove the requirement for the carriage of parachute distress flares.
  • For Category 0 and 1 races each member of the crew shall have an AIS personal crew overboard beacon
  • For category 3 races sail Double-handed, at least one of the crew shall have undertaken training.
Links to recommendations and helpful information will be added to the online OSR in the coming weeks. Source: ISAF | World Sailing | Official Site

Jules Verne Trophy update: BORN TO RACE--

The ocean, too Pacific, the crew pushes on. Wisdom. Technical. Strength, courage and unwavering support ... Cape Horn approaches.

Jules Verne Trophy LIVE Tracking: The 27knot global match race continues#julesvernetrophy #spindrift2 #idecsport 

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19 December 2015

Spindrift 2, IDEC SPORT, Jules Verne Trophy; Clipper Race (videos)

Jules Verne Trophy - Day 26 - Sécurité : le bon choix // Safety: the right choice - Published on Dec 18, 2015

IDEC SPORT SAILING | SLOW AHEAD: "18 December 2015 IDEC SPORT is facing a long, slow, tricky passage in an area of high pressure on this 27th day of the attempt to smash the Jules Verne Trophy record...."

IDEC SPORT SAILING | TAKING EACH OBSTACLE AS IT COMES"IDEC SPORT’s slow down during the night, (earlier today back in Europe) had been expected since they passed south of Tasmania. Francis Joyon and his boys reacted calmly without any changes to their watch pattern, as they wait for a temporary strengthening of the SE’ly wind, a precursor to another tricky patch to come this evening in the centre of the area of high pressure. Once past this final hurdle, IDEC SPORT should pick up speed once again. Joyon, Surtel, Pella, Stamm, Herrmann and young Gahinet can’t wait to get back to the level of performance, which saw them cross the Indian Oceanin record time. The clock ticking is still the obsession on board. It is still possible for the big, red trimaran to equal or be close to the time it took Loïck Peyron and Banque Populaire V to get to the Horn..."

Jules Verne Trophy LIVE Tracking: The 27knot global match race continues#julesvernetrophy #spindrift2 #idecsport 

Tight finish into Sydney for Elliot Brown Timekeeper Cup - This week saw the fleet arrive into Sydney after a tough challenge through the unrelenting Southern Ocean during the final stages of their leg from Western Australia to Sydney. Final podium positions were battled right down to the finish - Published on Dec 17, 2015

‘SPAR WARS’: "This week the first instalment of the Clipper 2015-16 Race TV series, ‘Race of Their Lives 2’ gets its UK and European premiere broadcast on BLOOMBERG TV at 1100 GMT (1200 CET) this Saturday 19 December, repeated at the same time on Sunday 20 December. BLOOMBERG TV can be seen in the UK on Sky channel 502; Virgin Media channel 609 and Freesat channel 208..."

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18 December 2015

Extreme Sailing Series: 9 Years of Extreme 40s, End of an Era (video)

Nine-years of the Extreme 40s. The end of an era. In 2007, the Extreme Sailing Series™ stormed onto the professional racing scene and changed the world of sailing forever, with it’s pioneering Stadium Racing format. From Asia, the Middle East, South America, the USA, Russia, Europe and Australia, over the last nine years the Series has visited 25 international destinations including Rio de Janeiro, Venice, Amsterdam, Singapore, Hamburg, Sydney, Marseille and Boston. Attracting the world’s best sailors to race in high-performance Extreme 40 catamarans, in 2016, the Extreme Sailing Series™ will celebrate its tenth anniversary, reinvigorating itself with the introduction of the ‘flying’ catamaran: the GC32. (Published on Dec 13, 2015 by extremesailingseries.com.) 2016 Schedule TBD.

Clipper Race Trailer (Published on Dec 16, 2015)
The tenth edition of the Clipper Round the World Yacht Race is making its way around the globe - at 40,000 nautical miles it's the longest ocean race around the planet and regarded as one of the toughest endurance challenges. 7 x 1 hour TV programmes chart the progress of the 2015-16 race crew. Episode 1 starts to air December 2015

Busy maintenance schedule in Sydney as fleet lifted out of water"The Clipper Race fleet is undergoing a busy schedule of maintenance in Sydney, including each boat being lifted out of the water to have antifouling carried out. The 12 boats are transferring round to Sydney City Marine from the CYCA and being lifted, then sanded down and various jobs carried out, including having their bottoms cleaned and new antifouling applied. The yachts are having their half way round the world clean ahead of the whole fleet’s participation in the Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race."

Jules Verne Trophy - Day 24 - Antimeridian (Spindrift 2, Spindrift Racing, published Dec 17, 2015)

Jules Verne Trophy LIVE Tracking: The 27knot global match race continues #julesvernetrophy #spindrift2 #idecsport 

IDEC SPORT SAILING | TACKING AROUND THE EDGE OF A PATCH OF LIGHT CONDITIONS IN THE PACIFIC"“We are choosing the least bad option. We are dragging our feet a bit tacking downwind. We are still to the north of what remains of the area of low pressure, hoping that something will develop along the way.” Francis Joyon and his merry band are relying on their professionalism and their knowledge of the sea to make the most of the light conditions, which stretch out along their route to Cape Horn at the southern tip of Latin America."

Other Sailing News:

The Straits Times

Sailing: Winning Singapore sailors harbour no self-doubt
That success was visible last night, when a trophy was the centrepiece on each dinner table as members of the local sailing fraternity toasted the 50th ...

Sailing center recognizes Paiva Weed
Jamestown Press
Senate President Teresa Paiva Weed was recognized by Sail Newport for her commitment tosailing and Narragansett Bay...

BBC Sport

Rio 2016: World Sailing hopeful of water quality improvement
BBC Sport
World Sailing says the water quality at the Rio 2016 sailing venue needs major improvement, as organisers prepare to open a new pipe belt to divert ...

Phuket Gazette

On Deck: Sailing through high season blues
Phuket Gazette
December is also the time to enjoy the sport of sailing on Phuket with two iconic events. The Phuket King's Cup Regatta, the island's largest sailing ...

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17 December 2015

Jules Verne Trophy LIVE Tracking; Clipper Race at Sydney (videos)


Jules Verne Trophy LIVE Tracking: The 27knot global match race continues #julesvernetrophy #spindrift2 #idecsport
IDEC SPORT SAILING | JOYON HOPING TO GET TO THE HORN IN SEVEN DAYS"16 December 2015 - IDEC SPORT is once again on the attack ... The big question today is knowing at what point to begin a series of gybes in order to get across a transition zone between an area of high pressure and a low. This decision will affect a lot of things, but Francis Joyon hopes to be back up with the pace of Banque Populaire V by Cape Horn. This would mean rounding the infamous cape by Tuesday. On the other side of the world aboard IDEC SPORT on Wednesday 16th December on this 25th day at sea, the crew is continuing to make headway towards the NE. “We’re going to continue for a little while like that,” explained Francis Joyon. “We’re currently getting around the north of an area of low pressure that is stretching out a bit with some light stuff. We’re still in the WNW’ly air stream for the moment, but soon we will have to weave in and out. We’re going to have to carry out a series of gybes to get around the low and then wait for the moment, when we can dive south to an area of high pressure.”..."

Clipper Round the World Yacht Race:

Clipper Race: FIRST SYDNEY ARRIVALS - LMAX Exchange, GREAT Britain and Garmin clinch the podium, narrowly missed by Mission Performance, in Race 4 from Albany for the Elliot Brown Timekeeper Cup. Published on Dec 14, 2015 @ClipperRace #ClipperRace

The Race 4: Elliot Brown Timekeeper Cup prizes awarded: "The Race 4: Elliot Brown Timekeeper Cup prizes have been awarded at an event at the prestigious Royal Sydney Yacht Squadron. Winners LMAX Exchange received a flag from the race’s Official Timekeeper Elliot Brown and Elliot Brown gift cards which were presented by the British watch brand’s Clipper Race ambassador, Da Nang Viet Nam crew member Matt Ogg. LMAX Exchange Skipper Olivier Cardin, whose team have now won three of the four races, said it had been the best race of his life. GREAT Britain received its second place prize pennant, and Garmin for its third place finish."

Other SAILING News:


Road to Rio continues for Olympic sailing star Hannah Mills
Sailing star Hannah Mills continues her Road to Rio when she this week competes at the Copa Brasil de Vela at next year's Olympic venue. Mills and ...

Permitting approved for Miami International Boat Show to stage...: " Following hours of passionate public testimony and an extended meeting, the Miami-Dade County Commission voted Tuesday evening to approve some of the final permitting necessary for the Miami International Boat Show to stage its annual event in February at a new venue at the Miami Marine Stadium site on Virginia Key...." see: JohnTheCrowd | Sailing News: Miami cuts Virginia Key Mangroves for Miami Boat Show? (video)

Carlyle Group's Lauderdale Marine Center renovations to begin in February - South Florida Business Journal: "Lauderdale Marine Center, the nation's largest yacht repair facility, will begin renovations in February, according to an announcement from the company Monday. The renovations were first announced in July, when Washington, D.C.-based global private equity giant The Carlyle Group acquired the Fort Lauderdale property for approximately $140 million...."

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16 December 2015

Jules Verne Trophy: Spindrift 2, Idec Sport, Pacific Meetup Videos

Above: ECHO RADAR IN THE PACIFIC OCEAN LESS THAN 2 MILES From IDEC SPORT - IDEC SPORT received this morning the radar echo of a real opponent (within 2 miles), the Maxi trimaran Spindrift 2 launched also in the quest around the world sailing record without stop and crew. A but most unlikely event after more than 14,000 miles sailed. (Published on Dec 14, 2015)

Jules Verne Trophy - Day 23 - Rencontre inédite // Spindrift 2's amazing meeting with Idec Sport in the Pacific Ocean (Spindrift Racing, Published on Dec 14, 2015)

Jules Verne Trophy LIVE Tracking:
IDEC SPORT SAILING | CRUCIAL DAYS IN THE PACIFIC: 15 December 2015 "On her fourth week of racing against the clock where there is a need for precision to deal with the complicated weather patterns in the South Pacific, IDEC SPORT is entering a crucial phase, which could determine the outcome of this attempt to smash the Jules Verne Trophy record..."

Spindrift 2: Trophée Jules Verne - Day 21 - Pacifique // Pacific (above video published Dec 13, 2015)

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15 December 2015

Extreme Sailing Series Championship: The Wave, Muscat (videos)

Extreme Sailing Series, Act 8, Sydney, presented by Land Rover: Highlights - The last Act of the 2015 Extreme Sailing Series lived up to expectations with thousands of spectators lining the shore to watch the nine-strong fleet battle it out. After 28 close-fought races that saw multiple crashes and a spectacular capsize on day two, British skipper Leigh McMillan made history, becoming the only skipper to win three Series titles on the global tour in the nine-year history of the circuit. Published on Dec 13, 2015.

2015 Extreme Sailing Series™ highlights: Over the last 11 months the Extreme 40 fleet have battled it out in eight iconic city centre stadiums around the world. With celebrations, tears and plenty of action watch the season highlights. Published on Dec 13, 2015

Extreme Sailing Series: "DRAMATIC FINALE AS THE WAVE, MUSCAT SEIZES OVERALL CHAMPIONSHIP TITLE - Leigh McMillan, British skipper of The Wave, Muscat presented with Land Rover Above and Beyond Award for his outstanding performance: the only skipper to win three Extreme Sailing Series™ championship titles in the nine year history of the Series..."
Overall 2015 Results/Final Standings:
  1. The Wave, Muscat
  2. SAP Extreme Sailing Team
  3. Red Bull Sailing Team
  4. Oman Air
  5. Gazprom Team Russia
  6. Team Turx
  7. GAC Pindar
  8. Lino Sonego Team Italia
See more at extremesailingseries.com/results
On twitter at #EXSS

Other Sailing News:

WBAL Baltimore

3-alarm fire damages Annapolis Yacht Club
WBAL Baltimore
The Annapolis Yacht Club released a statement saying the fire damaged the main clubhouse. The club will remain closed until further notice.
Yacht Club: 'It's just physical. We'll fix it.' - CapitalGazette.com
Annapolis Yacht Club Vows To Rebuild After Massive Blaze - CBS Local
Annapolis Yacht Club leaders vow to relocate, rebuild after fire - WTOP

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14 December 2015

Clipper Round the World Yacht Race, Sailing News & Videos

Clipper Round the World Yacht Race: SYDNEY IN SIGHT - published Dec 11, 2015
WEEK 2 of the Elliot Brown Timekeeper Cup from Albany WA to Sydney NSW, Australia: After an initial upwind beat the fleet experienced strong downwind conditions in the Southern Ocean before turning into the Tasman Sea to head across the Bass Strait towards Sydney of their arrival at the Cruising Yacht Club of Australia, Rushcutters Bay, 12-14 December...

RACE 3 SOUTHERN OCEAN FROM ON BOARD GARMIN - Clipper Round the World Yacht Race - published on Dec 11, 2015: 1080 Media TV cameraman Rich Edwards, sailing aboard Garmin on Race 3 across the Southern Ocean from South Africa to Western Australia, cut this short insight into one of the most challenging legs of the Clipper 2015-16 Race,

Clipper Round the World Yacht Race News: Sydney Podium Complete: "Garmin has crossed the Race 4 finish line into Sydney in third place, finishing at 0339 local time December 13, 1639 UTC December 12 to complete the podium. GREAT Britain had earlier crossed the Race 4 finish line in second place at 0138 AEDT December 13, 1438 UTC December 12. And at 0517 local time December 13,1817 UTC December 12, Mission Performance crossed the finish line in fourth position. GREAT Britain Skipper Peter Thornton said: “It was a tough race and I am very pleased with the boat and crew. 12 hours ago I was getting very stressed and was thinking I could not get the boat to go any faster, and a couple of things changed and it shows that you can never give up. We just pipped Ash and his Garmin crew at the end..." See also: Clipper 2015-16 Race Standings

Other Sailing News:
Extreme Sailing Series 2015 concludes in Sydney Australia: Results

ISAF Sailing World Cup | Melbourne (7-13 December 2015) - Australian and French Para World Sailing gold rush continues : News & Features | ISAF | World Sailing | Official Site: "Dan Fitzgibbon and Liesl Tesch ©Jeff Crow Sailing World Cup Melbourne St. Kilda, Melbourne, Australia An intense fortnight of competition for an international fleet of Paralympic sailors drew to a close today, Saturday December 12, 2015, with the completion of their Sailing World Cup Melbourne race schedule in light southerly winds at the top end of Port Phillip..."

Jules Verne Trophy:
  • Spindrift 2 LIVE tracking
  • IDEC SPORT SAILING | A NEW RECORD FOR IDEC SPORT ON THE WAY INTO THE PACIFIC"A NEW RECORD FOR IDEC SPORT ON THE WAY INTO THE PACIFIC 12 December 2015 Francis Joyon’s entered the Pacific this morning (Saturday) and in so doing set a new record for crossing the Indian Ocean, which is currently being ratified by the WSSRC: 6 days 23 hours and 4 minutes. Until now, no boat had managed to cover this stretch in less than 8 days. This new record logically follows the one they set between Cape Agulhas and Cape Leeuwin on Thursday evening....IDEC SPORT has smashed by more than one day (1 day, 5 hours and 31 minutes) the record set by Spindrift, less than two hours earlier. Yann Guichard’s crew crossed this same longitude at 0839hrs UTC on Saturday morning after spending 8 days and 4 hours and 35 minutes on this stretch..."

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13 December 2015

LIVE Video, Extreme Sailing Series, Act 8, Final Day, Sydney

Above: 3D Sydney: Day Four - Graphics Only - Extreme Sailing Series™ 2015
Starts: December 12, 2015, SAT 10:00 PM EST (US)

BELOW video: LIVE Sydney: Day Four - Extreme Sailing Series™ 2015 - Starts: 12 Dec 2015, SAT 11:30 PM EST (US):

Extreme Sailing Series™ 2015 Sydney: Day Three Video Replay below:

News | Extreme Sailing Series (EXSS)"MCMILLAN MAKES HIS MOVE WITH THE 2015 EXTREME SAILING SERIES™ CHAMPIONSHIP IN SIGHT After two physical, full-on days of racing on Sydney Harbour, the penultimate day was all about the points at the Extreme Sailing Series™ Act 8, Sydney presented by Land Rover - the final stop on the 2015 global tour"...

EXSS Results: http://www.extremesailingseries.com/results

Twitter: #EXSS:

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12 December 2015

LIVE Video Replay: Extreme Sailing Series, Sydney, Days 2 & 3

3D Sydney: Day Three - Graphics Only - Extreme Sailing Series™ 2015
by ExtremeSailingSeries
Starts: December 11, 2015 - FRI 10:00 PM EST (US)

LIVE Sydney: Day Three - Extreme Sailing Series™ 2015
by ExtremeSailingSeries
Starts: December 11, 2015 - FRI 11:30 PM EST (US)

News | Extreme Sailing Series: "DAY TWO OF DRAMA ON SYDNEY HARBOUR AS LINO SONEGO TEAM ITALIA CAPSIZE Battling punishing gusts of 30-knots that belted through the skyscrapers lining Farm Cove, Lino Sonego Team Italia were caught off-guard by a big gust of wind coming off the Sydney Opera House, resulting in a dramatic capsize in front of the crowds for the Italian team...." Watch Day Two video below:

Results: http://www.extremesailingseries.com/results

Twitter: #EXSS

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11 December 2015

Rolex Yachtsman & Yachtswoman, US Sailing, 2015 Nominees (video)

Day Two Replay Graphics:

3D Sydney: Day Two - Graphics Only - Extreme Sailing Series™ 2015
by ExtremeSailingSeries
Starts: December 10, 2015 THU 7:30pm PST (US)

Unbreakable: Paige Railey - Nominee for US Sailing’s 2015 Rolex Yachtswoman of the Year award (see below) - video above: UNCHARTED WATERS - Published on Dec 7, 2015

Paige Railey: Olympian, World Champion, Rolex World Sailor of the Year. Have you ever taken a leap of faith? Left the safety of shore just for the chance - the hope - that one day you will look back and it will all be worth it? Begin the journey alongside the US Sailing Team Sperry at UNCHARTED WATERS, and watch the odyssey unfold.http://uncharted.sunbrella.com

United States Sailing Association | US Sailing’s Rolex Yachtsman and Yachtswoman of the Year Awards: The most significant sailing performances of the year are being heralded by US Sailing with the announcement of the 12 men and six women who have been shortlisted for the 2015 Rolex Yachtsman and Yachtswoman of the Year awards.

Nominees shortlisted for US Sailing’s 2015 Rolex Yachtsman of the Year award
: Lightning World Champion Geoff Becker (Annapolis, Md.); distance racing record-breaker Ryan Breymaier (Annapolis, Md.); Etchells North American Champion Steve Benjamin (Norwalk, Conn.); J/70 World Champion Bill Hardesty (San Diego, Calif.); Etchells World Champion Skip Dieball (Toledo, Ohio); Rolex Farr 40 World Champion John Demourkas (Santa Barbara, Calif.); Rolex Maxi 72 World Champion Hap Fauth (Minneapolis, Minn.); 470 European Champion Dave Hughes (Miami, Fla.); Melges 20 World Champion John Kilroy (San Francisco, Calif.); 470 European Champion Stu McNay (Providence, R.I.); distance racing record breaker Lloyd Thornburg (Santa Fe, N.M.); and J/24 North American Champion Will Welles (Portsmouth, R.I.).

Nominees shortlisted for US Sailing’s 2015 Rolex Yachtswoman of the Year award: U.S. Women’s Match Racing Champion Nicole Breault (San Francisco, Calif.); Aquece Rio International Sailing Regatta (Olympic Test Event) 470 Women’s Champion Anne Haeger (Lake Forest, Ill.); Pan Am Games Laser Radial Gold Medalist Paige Railey (Clearwater, Fla.); Aquece Rio International Sailing Regatta (Olympic Test Event) 470 Women’s Champion Briana Provancha (San Diego, Calif.); Buddy Melges Challenge winner Stephanie Roble (East Troy, Wisc.); and Lightning North American Champion Jody Starck (Buffalo, N.Y.).

More info: Sailing Resumes for 2015

Other sailing news:
Full-contact Extreme 40 sailing on Sydney Harbour | News"With everything to play for, the Extreme 40s came out all-guns-blazing on Sydney Harbour today, for the much-anticipated final Act of the 2015 Extreme Sailing Series™ championship. On a day of costly penalties for some crews, and race-ending collisions that reduced the fleet of nine boats to just six, it was SAP Extreme Sailing Team and Oman Air that shone through finishing the day first and second respectively. In the morning press conference Oman Air’s skipper Stevie Morrison threw down the gauntlet, saying his aim for the week was to give The Wave, Muscat a “run for their money” and, with three race wins and two second place finishes, Morrison certainly held his word."

IDEC SPORT SAILING |"IDEC SPORT HAS MADE UP HER LOSSES, LEEUWIN TONIGHT 10 December 2015 Francis Joyon’s crew is in the process of succeeding in their gamble and achieving the remarkable feat of wiping out a deficit of 800 miles in just four days. This afternoon (Thursday), they only have around fifty miles left to catch up. Tonight, they will be crossing the longitude of Cape Leeuwin..."

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10 December 2015

Nomad IV Celebrates RORC Transatlantic Win; IDEC SPORT Sailing

EPISODE 10 : IDEC SPORT The Land of ICEBERGS - Published on December 8, 2015: 15 days after his departure, the big trimaran advanced to the land of ice. ... Nicolas Hulot says: "It's behind the adventure word, it is a universal dimension, exceptional:. That of a rare commodity in this dream is what is more beautiful: it is dream carrier for those who exercise, it is perfect for carrying the beholder. for the spectator, one who simply imagine these men on a ship that goes faster than the wind, like that, on the ridge waves in countries and no one can help them except themselves."
Jules Verne Trophy - more info: http://www.idecsport-sailing.com/ and http://www.spindrift-racing.com/jules-verne/en/live

RORC-GRENADA-ARTHUR- Dec 5th-Nomad iv-high-9
Jean-Paul Riviere's French Finot Conq 100, Nomad IV celebrate their arrival, monohull line honours victory and setting a new monohull race record of 10 days 07 hours 06 minutes and 59 seconds once on the dock in Camper & Nicholsons Port Louis Marina. (RORC/Arthur Daniel)
2015 RORC Transatlantic Race
In association with the International Maxi Association
Saturday 28th November - Start: Lanzarote - Finish: Grenada

Wed 9 December 2015: 1200 UTC--Nomad IV set the bar - Winner of the International Maxi Association Trophy for Monohull Line Honours

Jean-Paul Riviere's French Finot Conq 100, Nomad IV crossed the finish line of the RORC Transatlantic Race at 19 hours 06 mins and 59 secs UTC on Tuesday 8th December 2015, taking Monohull Line Honours to win the exquisite silver International Maxi Association Trophy. Nomad IV has also set a new monohull record for the RORC Transatlantic Race of 10 days 07 hours 06 minutes and 59 seconds. Jean-Paul Riviere and the Nomad IV crew were greeted at Camper & Nicholsons Port Louis Marina by Glynn Thomas, General Manager of Port Louis Marina; James Bremridge, Deputy Racing Manager of the Royal Ocean Racing Club and Chrislyn Lashington, Grenada Tourism Authority, who presented Nomad IV with a basket of Grenadian specialities, including Westerhall Rums, Grenadian Chocolate and Spice. "Fantastic!" exclaimed the French skipper. "We were so disappointed last year when our broken boom made us retire, but this year has been really special. We have had very few problems, so it's a different story. Nomad IV crew is a combination of five regular crew, five French TP52 sailors and five Russian guests and we have had such an incredible time together. To win Line Honours was our goal and we have achieved that. The possibility of winning the race overall will be amazing, but we will have to wait until the other boats finish before we can have a double celebration." After clearing customs in Port Louis Marina, the crew enjoyed dinner at The Victory Restaurant within a stone's throw of the Superyacht Dock. Gerald Bibot's catamaran ZED6, racing Two Handed with Michel Kleinjan is expected to be the next yacht to finish the RORC Transatlantic Race tomorrow evening.

More info: http://rorctransatlantic.rorc.org/ - Follow progress of the race via Race Tracker.

The future of sailing debated at Yacht Racing Forum - The Yacht Racing Forum in Geneva brought together 263 delegates to discuss the future of the sport... The conference saw some inspiring presentations from many big names such as Vendée Globe winner Francois Gabart talking about his plans to race Macif, his 100ft Ultime multihull non-stop singlehanded around the world to Ian Walker, whose Volvo Ocean Races around the planet have opened his eyes to the importance of environmental sustainability, one of the discussion topics in the Forum. Knut Frostad said sailing should stop trying to be a ‘Red Bull’ sport and focus on its other strengths... In Business and Marketing, Vice President of World Sailing Gary Jobson looked forward to much closer integration between sailing’s governing body and other branches of the sport. To emphasis this shift in focus, to a much more all-encompassing overview of sailing, Jobson also took the opportunity of the Forum to formally announce that the International Sailing Federation will from now on be known as World Sailing. ... Foiling technology is being seen to penetrate the sport in ways unimaginable just three years ago. More and more boats, both monohull and multihull, are sprouting foils, so attendees learned how they work, why they work, what performance gains they make, and how they can be controlled on boats as varied as AC 72’s, C-Class cats and the latest generation IMOCA 60’s... Other subjects also included sustainability solutions for composite construction and methods suggested to mitigate their effects, software integration tools and much more ... source and more info: Yacht Racing Forum and @YRFgeneva

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09 December 2015

Louis Vuitton America's Cup World Series 2016: Oman, NYC (videos)

New York homecoming for America's Cup - The Louis Vuitton America's Cup World Series is coming to New York in May 2016. This is the first time America's Cup racing has returned to New York since 1920. Published on Dec 8, 2015

The Louis Vuitton America's Cup World Series is coming to Oman! - The first Louis Vuitton America's Cup World Series event of 2016 will be held in Oman on February 27-28. (Published on Dec 6, 2015). More info:  https://www.americascup.com/en/world-series-AC45.html

Other Sailing NEWS:

RORC Transatlantic Race - Nomad IV took Monohull Line Honours in the RORC Transatlantic Race Tuesday with ZED 6 in full flight coming in from the north, while Nunatak celebrate mid-Atlantic with shooting stars and Jelly Babies. For the next few days, steady tradewinds of 15-20 knots are predicted for the yachts at the front of the RORC Transatlantic fleet, giving a fast broad reach to Grenada.
Stats on Nomad IV:
Nomad IV  
Finot 100 - MLT100
Skipper: Jean-Paul Riviere
Position at: 08 Dec 2015 20:00 UTC
Lat/Lon: 12° 2.72 N, 061° 44.97 W
DTF: Finished at 08 Dec 2015 19:06 UTC
1st 1st in IRC Overall
1st 1st in IRC Z
More info: http://rorctransatlantic.rorc.org/  - Follow progress of the race via Race Tracker.

The governing body of sailing worldwide, formerly known as ISAF, has officially announced its rebrand to 'World Sailing - A Sport for Life' - ISAF Becomes World Sailing As Part Of Rebrand : News & Features | ISAF | World Sailing | Official Site: "Sailing is one of the most inclusive sports in the world, regardless of gender, age or ability of a sailor, there is a boat for anyone and everyone to train and race in. It's not unusual to see men and women racing alongside and against each other, grandparents sharing a boat with their grandchildren, or able-bodied and disabled sailors going head-to-head - all can compete on equal terms and this is what makes the sport unique."

Sailing World

Australia Selects First Six Athletes for Rio
The young cousins Lisa Darmanin and Jason Waterhouse have been sailing together for more than eight years, and Rio will be their Olympic debut.

Sydney Morning Herald

Melbourne wants World Cup sailing final
Sydney Morning Herald
The newly rebadged World Sailing wants to run a sailing World Cup final each year, and the new location close to the Melbourne CBD offers public ...
'The girls' boat' set to make history at Extreme Sailing series - SBS
Chirps from Yacht Racing Forum - Scuttlebutt Sailing News
Sailing World Cup Melbourne showcases Rio hopefuls - Australian Olympic Committee

Scuttlebutt Sailing News

Brits Set Pace at Bermuda Moth Event
Third-placed Rashley is sailing the Moth for the first time since the Europeans last summer. He felt he was rusty with his positioning on the start line ...
Demolition Day at Amlin International Moth Regatta - Scuttlebutt Sailing News
Sailing: Amlin International Moth Regatta Day #2 - Bernews
Greenhalgh makes early running - Royal Gazette

Sailing World

Winners of Yacht Racing Image of the Year Announced
Sailing World
He opened his own photography studio in 1992 and began sailing in 1996. He is now the official photographer of the biggest and most important ...

Local 10

Man accused of sailing stolen boat to Cuba extradited to US
FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. - A man accused of stealing a small boat from a Stock Island marina in October and fleeing to Cuba was extradited to the ...

Scuttlebutt Sailing News

Advancing the Business of Sport
As the leading annual conference for the business of sailing and yacht racing, the 2015 Yacht Racing Forum in Geneva, Switzerland brought together ...
The future of sailing debated at Yacht Racing Forum - Scoop.co.nz (press release)

How Has Technology Changed the Sport of Sailing?
Dec. 8 -- Oracle Team USA Skipper Jimmy Spithill discusses preparations for the next America's Cup challenge. He speaks on "Bloomberg Markets."

DPM Puts Forward Possible Measures to Keep Sloop Sailing Alive
The Government of The Bahamas
NASSAU, The Bahamas -- Sustainable measures to keep sloop sailing alive in The Bahamas are underway, as local professional sailors convened ...

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08 December 2015

2016 Resolute Cup, US Yacht Clubs Corinthian Championship (video)

The 2016 Resolute Cup, A Corinthian Championship for U.S. Yacht Clubs - Top yacht clubs from around the United States will converge on the New York Yacht Club Harbour Court in Newport, R.I., September, 2016, to see which among them can claim to have the fastest sailors. This Corinthian one-design competition in supplied boats is a true test of sailing skill and a celebration of amateur sailing. Published on Dec 7, 2015

RORC  Transatlantic Race: Nomad IV on final approach:
Nomad IV
Finot 100 - MLT100
Speed: 14.6 knots @ 244.50°
Skipper: Jean-Paul Riviere
Position at: 07 Dec 2015 20:00 UTC
Lat/Lon: 14° 56.91 N, 057° 31.53 W
DTF: 304.0 NM
1st 1st in IRC Overall
1st 1st in IRC Z
More info: http://rorctransatlantic.rorc.org/ and follow progress of the race via the Race Tracker.

Other Sailing NEWS:

Sail World (press release)

Jules Verne Trophy - Keeping Ice-Watch on Spindrift 2 + Video
Sail World (press release)
Jules Verne Trophy - The north-north westerlies picked up even more strength this morning to the east of Madagascar, enabling Spindrift 2 to reach ...


Jules Verne Trophy : close call with an iceberg, high speeds and 200 miles regained by IDEC Sport
151207IDECSport IDEC SPORT has regained 200 miles in 24 hours. The Furious Fifties are pushing the big, red trimaran at high speed across the ...

Sail World

ISAF Sailing World Cup-Melbourne has arrived at St Kilda foreshore
Over 900 competitors are starting to hit the St Kilda foreshore in preparation for one of Victoria's top sporting events, the ISAF Sailing World Cup.
ISAF Sailing World Cup begins this week in Australia - Scuttlebutt Sailing News

Sailing World

Australia Selects First Six Athletes for Rio
The young cousins have been sailing together for more than eight years, and Rio will be their Olympic debut. Their multihull sailing partnership stems ...

Scuttlebutt Sailing News

Launch of New Global Sailing Series
(December 7, 2015) – The International Sailing Federation [ISAF], the world governing body of sailing, has revealed a new production initiative with ...
ISAF joins forces with British media firm to create monthly television series - Insidethegames.biz

Sailing World

The Foiling Generation Gap
With the transition of the America's Cup from monohulls to foiling catamarans, there's a new pathway to sailing's pinnacle event for young, ...

Sailing World

Update From GryphonSolo 2
Getting around that damn Bulge of Brazil was an ordeal, involving many days of upwind sailing, so I am very glad to have that in the rear view mirror.


Allen Brothers Create 3D Printed Ball-and-Socket System for Safer TrapezeSailing
Sailing is perceived as a tranquil activity by many. Watching all sizes of boats silently gliding across the horizon, boasting white sails ...

Help for young people to try sailing
Isle of Wight County Press
RED Funnel has raised £35,000 for UKSA to give Year 6 pupils on the Island an opportunity to try their hands atsailing. Staff at the ferry firm rallied to ...

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Caribbean Safety and Security Net

sailing - Google News

America's Cup - Google News

More Sailing News

ISAF sailing - Google News

Rolex sailing - Google News

US sailing - Google News

Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race - Google News

Vendee Globe - Google News