10 December 2015

Nomad IV Celebrates RORC Transatlantic Win; IDEC SPORT Sailing

EPISODE 10 : IDEC SPORT The Land of ICEBERGS - Published on December 8, 2015: 15 days after his departure, the big trimaran advanced to the land of ice. ... Nicolas Hulot says: "It's behind the adventure word, it is a universal dimension, exceptional:. That of a rare commodity in this dream is what is more beautiful: it is dream carrier for those who exercise, it is perfect for carrying the beholder. for the spectator, one who simply imagine these men on a ship that goes faster than the wind, like that, on the ridge waves in countries and no one can help them except themselves."
Jules Verne Trophy - more info: http://www.idecsport-sailing.com/ and http://www.spindrift-racing.com/jules-verne/en/live

RORC-GRENADA-ARTHUR- Dec 5th-Nomad iv-high-9
Jean-Paul Riviere's French Finot Conq 100, Nomad IV celebrate their arrival, monohull line honours victory and setting a new monohull race record of 10 days 07 hours 06 minutes and 59 seconds once on the dock in Camper & Nicholsons Port Louis Marina. (RORC/Arthur Daniel)
2015 RORC Transatlantic Race
In association with the International Maxi Association
Saturday 28th November - Start: Lanzarote - Finish: Grenada

Wed 9 December 2015: 1200 UTC--Nomad IV set the bar - Winner of the International Maxi Association Trophy for Monohull Line Honours

Jean-Paul Riviere's French Finot Conq 100, Nomad IV crossed the finish line of the RORC Transatlantic Race at 19 hours 06 mins and 59 secs UTC on Tuesday 8th December 2015, taking Monohull Line Honours to win the exquisite silver International Maxi Association Trophy. Nomad IV has also set a new monohull record for the RORC Transatlantic Race of 10 days 07 hours 06 minutes and 59 seconds. Jean-Paul Riviere and the Nomad IV crew were greeted at Camper & Nicholsons Port Louis Marina by Glynn Thomas, General Manager of Port Louis Marina; James Bremridge, Deputy Racing Manager of the Royal Ocean Racing Club and Chrislyn Lashington, Grenada Tourism Authority, who presented Nomad IV with a basket of Grenadian specialities, including Westerhall Rums, Grenadian Chocolate and Spice. "Fantastic!" exclaimed the French skipper. "We were so disappointed last year when our broken boom made us retire, but this year has been really special. We have had very few problems, so it's a different story. Nomad IV crew is a combination of five regular crew, five French TP52 sailors and five Russian guests and we have had such an incredible time together. To win Line Honours was our goal and we have achieved that. The possibility of winning the race overall will be amazing, but we will have to wait until the other boats finish before we can have a double celebration." After clearing customs in Port Louis Marina, the crew enjoyed dinner at The Victory Restaurant within a stone's throw of the Superyacht Dock. Gerald Bibot's catamaran ZED6, racing Two Handed with Michel Kleinjan is expected to be the next yacht to finish the RORC Transatlantic Race tomorrow evening.

More info: http://rorctransatlantic.rorc.org/ - Follow progress of the race via Race Tracker.

The future of sailing debated at Yacht Racing Forum - The Yacht Racing Forum in Geneva brought together 263 delegates to discuss the future of the sport... The conference saw some inspiring presentations from many big names such as Vendée Globe winner Francois Gabart talking about his plans to race Macif, his 100ft Ultime multihull non-stop singlehanded around the world to Ian Walker, whose Volvo Ocean Races around the planet have opened his eyes to the importance of environmental sustainability, one of the discussion topics in the Forum. Knut Frostad said sailing should stop trying to be a ‘Red Bull’ sport and focus on its other strengths... In Business and Marketing, Vice President of World Sailing Gary Jobson looked forward to much closer integration between sailing’s governing body and other branches of the sport. To emphasis this shift in focus, to a much more all-encompassing overview of sailing, Jobson also took the opportunity of the Forum to formally announce that the International Sailing Federation will from now on be known as World Sailing. ... Foiling technology is being seen to penetrate the sport in ways unimaginable just three years ago. More and more boats, both monohull and multihull, are sprouting foils, so attendees learned how they work, why they work, what performance gains they make, and how they can be controlled on boats as varied as AC 72’s, C-Class cats and the latest generation IMOCA 60’s... Other subjects also included sustainability solutions for composite construction and methods suggested to mitigate their effects, software integration tools and much more ... source and more info: Yacht Racing Forum and @YRFgeneva

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