23 December 2015

Jules Verne Trophy: Spindrift 2 Sailing Past Cape Horn (drone video)

Jules Verne Trophy: Spindrift 2 passes Cape Horn (drone footages) Published 22 Dec 2015

Spindrift 2 Day 31 | Jules Verne"14:50 GMT YANN GUICHARD, AFTER CAPE HORN - My favourite memory will be of passing Cape Horn in the sun, with 15 knots of wind and a flat sea: we had time to enjoy it because we skirted the coast...Honestly, it was just fantastic. Dona spoke with the lighthouse keeper, it was really a nice moment: everyone was awake and on deck. This marks one month of adventure that is going well." My goal since leaving Ushant was to arrive at Cape Horn within the time of Banque Populaire V: that's done, now it's the weather that will decide. But we’ve already had an excellent voyage; I’m delighted with my crew and the atmosphere on board, it's really great. It’s a once in a lifetime experience to see the rock at the end of the world after 30 days of shared enjoyment at sea. We were surrounded by birds all the way across the Indian and Pacific Oceans. We saw albatrosses but not the big swell. Other than that, I have continuous stress about looking after things, because I know that if we finish, we will be in record time. It is really the management of men and the machine that preoccupies me every day; it’s tiring, sometimes I’m almost worn out, but it’s also enjoyable. "It's going be really tight all the way to the end "..." (read more at link above)

IDEC SPORT SAILING | IDEC SPORT AT THE HORN THIS EVENING"IDEC SPORT AT CAPE HORN THIS EVENING 22 December 2015 The progress of the six sailors on IDEC SPORT towards Cape Horn slowed during the night as they passed through a small area of low pressure. But the wind got up again around lunchtime today, so Francis Joyon and his men should be within the time set by Banque Populaire V, which means rounding the Horn before 0020hrs UTC tonight...." (read more at link above)

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Jules Verne Trophy - DAY 29 - RĂ©parations dans le Grand Sud // Repairs in the Southern Ocean Published 21 Dec 2015

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