16 December 2015

Jules Verne Trophy: Spindrift 2, Idec Sport, Pacific Meetup Videos

Above: ECHO RADAR IN THE PACIFIC OCEAN LESS THAN 2 MILES From IDEC SPORT - IDEC SPORT received this morning the radar echo of a real opponent (within 2 miles), the Maxi trimaran Spindrift 2 launched also in the quest around the world sailing record without stop and crew. A but most unlikely event after more than 14,000 miles sailed. (Published on Dec 14, 2015)

Jules Verne Trophy - Day 23 - Rencontre inédite // Spindrift 2's amazing meeting with Idec Sport in the Pacific Ocean (Spindrift Racing, Published on Dec 14, 2015)

Jules Verne Trophy LIVE Tracking:
IDEC SPORT SAILING | CRUCIAL DAYS IN THE PACIFIC: 15 December 2015 "On her fourth week of racing against the clock where there is a need for precision to deal with the complicated weather patterns in the South Pacific, IDEC SPORT is entering a crucial phase, which could determine the outcome of this attempt to smash the Jules Verne Trophy record..."

Spindrift 2: Trophée Jules Verne - Day 21 - Pacifique // Pacific (above video published Dec 13, 2015)

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