22 April 2017

Humpback Whales, Plastic Pollution, Sailors For The Sea (videos)

#RaisingTheBAR: Protecting the Environment

Published Apr 13, 2017: The humpback whales have arrived in Bermuda! We are #RaisingTheBAR and protecting our pitch with the help of Team 11th Hour Racing by saying NO to single use plastics.

Sailors For The Sea - Talking Trash

Video above published Apr 4, 2017: As many sailors know, our oceans, lakes, rivers, and coasts are littered with plastic. In fact, 8 million metric tons of plastic enters the ocean from land every year. That’s enough to cover every coastline on earth and is equal to 1.5 million cars. Plastic pollution also creates 13 billion dollars of damage to marine ecosystems in the U.S. alone.

BUT don’t get overwhelmed by the statistics. There is a way you can help fix this mess. Sign up now: http://sailorsforthesea.org/plastic-pollution --Be the solution to plastic pollution!

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