29 July 2017

Quantum Distance Racing How-To Series Video Part 1

Quantum Distance Racing How-To Series: Part 1 - Four Simple Onboard Optimizations

Video above published Jul 11, 2017: Distance sailboat racing is a growing segment of our beloved sport. Offering new and different challenges, distance races around the world have attracted sailors with various degrees of offshore experience. We teamed up with Quantum expert Dave Gerber for a short three part series with some essential tips and tricks for the novice distance racer and reminders for the salty veterans. 

Part one above digs into four simple onboard optimizations you can make to help ready your boat for distance racing: 1. Weight Distribution; 2. Repeatable Settings; 3. Bow Lacing; 4. Setting an offboard lead. Parts two and three of this series will cover reefing the mainsail and headsail changes.

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