25 September 2018

The World Sailing Show - September 2018 Edition (video)

The World Sailing Show - Sept 2018 Edition

This edition of the World Sailing Show was published Sep 3, 2018.

1:01 Hempel Sailing World Championships Part 1
2:09 The rise of Japan
6:33 New to the podium
12:15 TP52 World Championships
17:37 Extreme Sailing Series Cardiff
18:50 Hempel Sailing World Championships Part 2

The Hempel Sailing World Championships was always going to be a big deal, but it wasn’t just the silverware and the sailors that drew the crowds in Aarhus, Denmark. With two years to go until the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, this was the first opportunity for nations to qualify for the Games and a key opportunity to start putting theory into practice for teams. Make no mistake, Aarhus was a big deal for all. Also: to Portugal for the TP52 World Championships and an exclusive guided tour of the world’s most advanced keelboats, as well as checking in with the Extreme Sailing Series in Cardiff.

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