16 February 2015

Volvo Ocean Race, Leg 4, Team Brunel Leads (videos)

Volvo Ocean Race 2014-15 - Feb 15, 2015: Leg 4 to Auckland. Day 7. Team Brunel has taken the lead. Their initial bet to take the northerly route early in the leg and sail hundreds of miles more is paying off. Now the two northern teams are cashing in. ”They are 4 knots quicker. I hope they don’t continue otherwise we have a lot of work to do.” says Will Oxley on Team Alvimedica

JohnTheCrowd | Sailing News: VOR: Volvo Ocean Race #VOR updates
Volvo Ocean Race Dashboard/Tracker

Northern rewards | Volvo Ocean Race 2014-2015: "... It’s Day 7 of Leg 4, and after much held breath and crossed fingers, the Dutch team [Team Brunel], who, alongside Team SCA opted to break from the pack and sail north of the fleet, have finally grabbed first place from Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing. “We’ve just gained 25 miles!” shouts Spaniard Pablo Arrarte to his team mates on deck. With that, a giant wave of flushes into the cockpit like a playing card cascade. “It’s good sailing,” says a relaxed Bouwe Bekking. “On deck it’s fun, but downstairs it’s always horrible."..."

Night fix | Volvo Ocean Race 2014-15 - Feb 15, 2015: Leg 4 to Auckland. Day 7. Yet another mechanical challenge onboard Dongfeng Race Team, when the halyard locking system broke in the middle of the night, preventing them from using their J1. After seven hours of work in the dark, a workaround with another halyard allowed them to put their J1 back up.

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