22 July 2015

Transpac Update, Extreme Sailing Data Analytics, Sailing Video

Transpac 2015 Fleet Endures Diverse Conditions in 48th Transpac California to Hawaii Yacht Race: "... Wild Oats navigator Nick White reporting “Right now we’re averaging around 19 knots and aiming straight at the Barn Door – Hawaii. It’s fantastic downwind sailing. You couldn’t ask for much better…except we’d like some sunshine instead of heavy cloud. “As it turned out, the forecasts proved to be completely unreliable,” White said. “We had to ignore them and do our own thing in the conditions we were experiencing at the time. It was really tough tactically, especially when we were trying to get around Santa Catalina Island and out to sea.”..."

July 21st daily analysis of the 48th Transpac with Dobbs Davis of Seahorse Magazine
Transpac 2015 updates:

Extreme Sailing - The importance of data | Gillette World Sport - Extreme sailing requires precision analytics--the data driven evolution has hit the sport.

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