10 January 2016

Sailing, Foiling, Extreme Sailing Series Evolution (videos)

Nine-years of the Extreme 40s, the end of an era. In 2007, the Extreme Sailing Series™ stormed onto the professional racing scene and changed the world of sailing forever, with it’s pioneering Stadium Racing format.

360° Onboard SAP Extreme Sailing Team: Ever wonder what it's like to be onboard an Extreme 40 flying full-pelt across Sydney Harbour? Thanks to the team at 360fly for this awesome 360° video onboard SAP Extreme Sailing Team.

Extreme Sailing Series Evolution: Looking back and looking ahead to a new era of foiling in the GC32 class | News: "....It will be challenging and the foiling adds something in one particular aspect. A small difference in windspeed or direction can generate a very large difference in boatspeed – 10 knots almost instantaneously up and down again. That will be one of the most demanding elements to manage but it will also be one of the most spectacular features of the racing for audiences to enjoy. The proximity of the boats to the shore has always been a key ingredient and will continue to be so. A boat sailing 800 metres away is not really that impressive to anyone, regardless of what kind of boat it is. The speed is not really felt. But when a boat is 10 metres away, that’s when it’s very impressive. That’s why proximity is so important and it’s something that other events have perhaps not understood. I am big fan of the visual aspect we may lose a little of the boats lifting a hull up to 30 degrees above the water and the guys hanging on as it sails past but it will be easily made up for by the acceleration that foiling will bring and the fact that it will be happening so close to spectators."

Spindrift racing on Bullitt GC32 Racing Tour: The future of sailing is, quite literally, flying. The catamarans that soared above the waves in the 2013 America’s Cup in San Francisco have taken the sailing world by storm. The boats have revolutionised sailing technology and competition, giving rise to the creation of new classes. The GC32 is one such class, a 10m one-design catamaran which can “take off” in wind speeds of just 8 knots. The carbon-fibre dragonfly has already established its place in regattas around the world, both in costal venues and on some of Europe’s most beautiful lakes. Multihull experts Dona Bertarelli and Yann Guichard and their Spindrift racing team are passionate about innovation and elite international competition, and decided to join the GC32 Racing Tour in 2015. (Published May 26, 2015)

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