06 January 2016

Spindrift 2, IDEC Sport, Jules Verne Trophy, Brest By Friday? (videos)

Published January 5, 2016: At the heart of the storm, one in mind: Brest. Happy, who are these six, slide ... IDEC SPORT Sailing for the Jules Verne Trophy

Trophée Jules Verne - Day 42 - Question de temps // Question of time

Trophée Jules Verne - Day 39 - Vent, pétole, vent, pétole... // Wind, calm, wind, calm... - Published Dec 31, 2015

Jules Verne Trophy LIVE Tracking: 
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DAY 45 | Jules Verne: "There are still 1,700 miles left to for the trimaran, whose arrival in Brittany remains scheduled for Friday. Since this morning, Spindrift 2 has not dropped below an average speed of 30-32 knots, which conjures up an image of lovely gliding on an ever-friendly ocean road. Indeed, the crew and particularly the helmsmen, are taking advantage of what is an awesome feeling and some really uplifting hours for these lovers of multihulls. Especially as the route is beautiful, straight and on the way home. But the atmosphere will change. The imposing depression coming from the American coast is catching the black and gold trimaran. In a few hours, the cold front will make conditions a lot tougher."

IDEC SPORT SAILING | 72 HOURS UNDER PRESSURE: "With 1900 miles to go to the finishing line between Ushant and The Lizard that “we should be crossing some time on Friday”, the six sailors on IDEC SPORT will be facing some tough conditions. A lot of wind and heavy seas. They are going to have to work hard to get to the finish. After a month and a half of fighting it out around the world’s oceans, during the final 72 hours they will be under pressure. “Conditions will start to get difficult from this evening,” Francis Joyon warned us."

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