12 July 2016

The Mystery of Marstrand, WMRT Marstrand 2016, Sailing Videos

The Mystery of Marstrand - WMRT Marstrand 2016:

To solve the puzzle the teams train in one of the most challenging sailing arenas in world. But will it be enough to knock Björn Hansen off his perch and claim the one million dollar prize fund. Published on July 4, 2016

WMRT Marstrand 2016:

Published July 8, 2016: STEELE THROUGH WITH THE MATCH POINT! - WMRT Marstrand 2016

Phil Robertson has been crowned World Match Racing Champion after beating Taylor Canfield in an epic, high-wind duel today in the Final of the World Match Racing Tour. The 29-year-old and his Robertson Racing crew also banked US $33,000 for winning in Marstrand, Sweden, plus a World Champion’s bonus of $1,000,000. It’s the largest prize money ever awarded in the sport of sailing, but Robertson’s whoops of joy and celebration were more about winning the title of Match Racing World Champion. “It’s a dream come true and the goal we’ve been striving for since 2009,” he told the crowd that he just done his best to drench with champagne. “ To do it here in Marstrand, I couldn’t think of a better place. Thank you all for watching, I hope it was entertaining because we sure had fun.” More info: wmrt.com -  Top 20 teams from the season leader board battled all out in this final leg with an eye for the biggest prize money in sailing history of USD1million and the championship trophy.

 1 Phil Robertson Robertson Racing
 2 Taylor Canfield US One
 3 Matt Jerwood Redline Racing
 4 Chris Steele 36 Below Racing
 5 Iker Martinez Team Espāna
 6 Yann Guichard Spindrift Racing
 7 Ian Williams GAC Pinddar
 8 Hans Wallen Wallen Racing
 9 Sam Gilmour Neptune Racing
10 Steve Thomas RPM Racing
11 Mattias Rahm RAhm Racing
12 Nicklas Dackhammar Essiq Racing
13 Johnie Berntsson Flux Team
14 Murray Jones Full Bants Racing
15 Eric Monnin Albert Riele Swiss Team
16 Nicolai Sehested Trefor Racing
17 Evan Walker KA Match - CYCA
18 Keith Swinton Team Accure
19 Sally Barkow Team Magenta 32
20 Bjorn Hansen Nautiska Racing

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