27 May 2019

The World Sailing Show May 2019 Edition (video)

The World Sailing Show May 2019 Edition

Video above published Apr 28, 2019:
00:52 Coville’s secret revealed – The new Sodebo
08:35 The Un-Regatta
13:35 The Eagle has launched
19:17 A new route to the America’s Cup
21:32 Alternative foiling for fun
It has taken two years to create and has required absolute secrecy throughout. As Thomas Coville’s new 32m trimaran was rolled out into the open we got to see why his team had been so tight lipped about their new beast of a boat. This is an Ultime like no other.
We also take a look at another high performance multihull, but this one is for cruising. The Eagle 53 was inspired by the America’s Cup and designed to fly.
A new plan for the road to the America’s Cup is laid out as this year’s opening event is postponed.
How a sailing club in San Diego with an unorthodox approach to racing is grabbing the support of a new generation of young sailors. Plus, alternative ways to get your kicks on foils.

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