17 November 2015

Rolex Big Boat Series 2015, Sailing Video Highlights, Mini Transat

Rolex Big Boat Series 2015, Sailing Video Highlights above  - Hosted by the St. Francis Yacht Club (StFYC) and sailed on San Francisco Bay, the 51st edition of the Rolex Big Boat Series drew top sailors and yachts from across the United States and abroad for four days of spectacular racing. Since its inauguration in 1964, the Rolex Big Boat Series has been at the pinnacle of regattas, hosting a world-class range of one-design and handicap races. From 17 to 20 September 2015, some 90 boats competed for victory in 11 classes, six of which earn the winners a coveted St. Francis Yacht Club Perpetual Trophy and the most prestigious of awards: specially engraved Rolex timepieces. Published on Nov 16, 2015. For more info: Rolex Big Boat Series

Sailing NEWS:

Clément Bouyssou (802, Le Bon Agent), Axel Trehin (716, Aleph Racing), Jean-Baptiste Daramy (814 Chocolaterie Pariès) and Simon Koster (888 Eight Cube) arrived Saturday, November 14 in 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th positions of the ranking of Bioactive Ocean series boats to Pointe-à-Pitre, after the second leg of the Mini Transat Guadeloupe islands. The Guadeloupe Islands Mini Transat solo transatlantic is without means of communication aboard a Mini 6.50. Starting September 19 Douarnenez with a stopover in the Canary Islands and arrived in the Islands of Guadeloupe. Published on November 16, 2015 

Sailboat diplomacy: New Orleans sailors blow into Havana with historic race | NOLA.com: "... After days at sea, the fleet made it to Hemingway International Marina, about eight miles west of Havana, where the mojitos and congratulations waited. War stories of ripped sails and malfunctioning electronics filled the marina's bar and poolside patio. A race around the harbor: The race was billed as a goodwill gesture to reestablish links between boating communities long separated by the Gulf of Mexico and international politics. In the early 20th century, regular races were held between St. Petersburg, Fla., and Havana drawing elite boats and glitzy crowds. Those days ended when Fidel Castro came to power, though some American yacht clubs and organizations still pined for Cuban shores — and continued to hold races to the island without full U.S. government approval. When President Obama began opening relations this year, Pensacola Yacht Club didn't hesitate putting plans in place, reaching out to Hemingway marina's Commodore José Miguel Díaz Escrich. He, in turn, organized an additional race in Havana harbor for the arriving boats ..." (read more at link above)

The last voyage of El Faro | Miami Herald: "... Several long-time ship captains, though they all stressed that it’s impossible to know exactly what the conditions aboard the El Faro were or what Davidson was thinking, believe he made a serious error on the second day of his voyage, when he learned the storm had reached hurricane levels. “Once you've gone through one of those, you don't ever want to go through them again,” said Bernie Marciniak, 67, a retired captain. “They needed to turn away. You take what's known as the ‘Hole in the Wall’ between the Florida coast and the open sea.” The Hole in the Wall is the name of a lighthouse built by the British in 1836 at the southern tip of Great Abaco. It marks the entrance to the Northeast Providence Channel, a safe deep water passage through the islands that could have taken the El Faro toward more protected waters or along the Florida coast. When the El Faro steamed past the Hole in the Wall on Sept. 30, it found itself between the shallow bank of the Bahamas and a hurricane, with little room to maneuver. “They didn't assess the risk correctly — obviously they didn't because they are not here today,” Marciniak said. “The storm was more than they expected.”..." (read more at link above)

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